Tournament Bracket

Jay and Landon in the championship, Matt and Travis in the 3rd place game.

Tournament 2 Week 5
















Tournament 1 Results:

1st: Jeff L
2nd: Matt A
3rd: Phil Z


Jeff L v. Matt A

3rd Place Game:

Phil Z v. Adam K



8 thoughts on “Tournament Bracket

  1. Just an idea for next year, I think it might be better to start the tourney a week later, after week 1 of NFL. That way the seedlings can be based on more than just CFB picks.

  2. Just thought I’d let you know, I fucking love the tournament idea. I got bounced after a shitty week, but enjoyed the trash talk aspect A LOT. Dirk made it a point to tell me how terrible I was all during the early games Sunday, only to see EVERY ONE of his early picks lose. This opened the very real possibility that my $-527 total could defeat him and his busted card. Suddenly, Captain Smartass wasn’t so GD chatty.

    Alas, it was not to be. Dirk prevailed via a Lavonte David 15-yarder and 6 Giants TO’s. However, w/out the tourney, my action would’ve been over Saturday and my Sunday enjoyment would’ve been relegated to Rashard Mendenhall vs. Daryl Richardson. The tourney concept kicks ass.

    All we need to do is adjust the payouts for next year. There’s no reason the tourney winner should be getting $400 when the season-long winner only gets $850. If we went to a $200-$100-$50 (or similar) payout, we could use the remaining money to bolster the season-long payouts. I’m sure I’m speaking for most everyone when I say the $$ is but a small part of the tourney equation. Not losing to Kyyyyyyle or Tooley or Goddamm Feser is priority #1. Whether I’m eligible for $200 or $400 in the process is inconsequential.

    Long live the tourney. GO. BIG. FUCKING. RED.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the tournament and that it brought some added fun to Sunday. I’m disappointed Lavonte is getting more press from one really close call (that he should have avoided, certainly) than he is for being the baddest motherfisher in the league, but that’s another story. Comments on how to improve the DL Tournament, and league in general, are always welcome. I think we can definitely look at a few adjustments in the future, regarding payouts.

  3. Shawn, you can sugarcoat all the fun you had but in the end you lost and that is all that matters.

    “Just win, baby win” – Al Davis

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