Side Bet Central

Side bets are normally proposed and accepted in the home page. Once they are accepted, we will move the bet and wager over here so we can keep everything straight. I may also keep a tally of who has won and lost what so we can shame Shawn when I beat him mercilessly all year. Hopefully very soon Shawn and me will have the first official side bet of the 2013 DL.


Knockout pool:

Dan L
Jay L
Joe H
Matt A
Shawn S
Wade W
Tony B
Neal J
Jeff C

Head-to-head tournament side bet:

Feser v Kyle for $25


18 thoughts on “Side Bet Central

  1. First official side bet was me and Tyson (staunch Raiders supporter) made the following bet all shitfaced after our Fantasy draft:

    $20 on Over/Under Raiders Total Wins: 5.5

    I have overs, he has unders. Vegas lists the o/u at 7. This what Al Davis and his breed of dipshit offspring will do to a fanbase: get ’em rooting for 5-win seasons.

  2. I’m pretty sure Vegas has it at 5. Maybe it was 7 before Matt Flynn lost the job, but it’s 5 now. When I saw you say 7 I went to immediately max bet the under. I may still take the under. Owning you in our side bet is going to be easier than I thought. For the record, I better post that too. Let me know when you’ve written Bog. I’m going to do it now.

    • Yes, the bet was made some 10 days ago, so I’m sure it’s changed. I’d just like to point out the Raiders play the Chiefs (2x), the Chargers (2x), the Jets, and the Titans. Go 4-2 against those shidiots, and steal a pair elsewhere on the schedule, and I’m golden.

  3. Would anyone like to bet $20 on the UFC fight? I want Henderson. I really don’t give a shit about the fight. I know I will be liquored up after the Husker game and will be wanting to see dudes cave in each other’s faces. I like to have a rooting interest on a particular meathead to smash the shit out of the other meathead.

  4. Wade and I have 4 side bets going. Each bet is worth $20.
    1. Best fantasy record.
    2. Winner of our one and only head to head match up.
    3. Highest finish in fantasy playoffs.
    4. Highest winnings from week 1 of the DL.

    • Side Bet #4 sure was a kick in the giblets for Papa Herrrrrrrb. Always rough banking $700+ only to lose to $900+. Hang in there Kyyyyyyle. Your best days are now behind you.

  5. Looks like Feez and I took home the first weeks side bets. Lennon – you must have been standing by your car with your thumb in your ass while Feez was hammering the pedal home.

  6. Since I suck cock at actual wagers, I’ve taken to side bets. I’ve bet Tyson I’ll defeat him in our Week 1 Fantasy Matchup ($10) and that Rashard Mendenhall (my RB4) will outperform Daryl Richardson (Tyson’s RB4) ($10). Riveting stuff here. Stay tuned, folks.

    • You suck cock at real life and fantasy life. Dirty Bowl of Fuck defeated Random Boner by a wide margin. Daryl Richardson outplayed and out classed Rashard Mendenhall.
      Tyson +20

  7. Kyle – Side bet number two this week. Huh, wade what i am trying to say….. you are going to have to push your plastic hip replacement up after this weeks beat down!!!

    • You are lucky that Vick and Megatron are both injured this week and that Matt Ryan has his bye week. Pretty sure this is going to come down to Monday night when you have Gates and Reggie Wayne. I need to hope that you have a few guys under perform. My hip is not plastic in is titanium alloy, the shit the space shuttles are made out of. You are going to really use those child bearing hips of yours to move that baby.

  8. Seems like everyone wants a crack at the big dog in the yard these days. Little T-Pup, aka Tyson, offered up a $20 side bet for high $-amount this week. Challenge accepted.

  9. There is a noticeable dearth of side bet activity this season. I hate it. Jeff L, we have a tournament showdown. How do you feel about a sweet ass side bet? I have $20 that Doran still owes me that I’m happy to put up. If you live in the area (fill out your trash talk guide so I can know this and other shit with which to trash talk) we could make it booze/bar related. I’m game.

    I feel like Bogus and Phil need to get one going for sure.

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