Week 1 Pick Sheet Posted

Games start at 5 pm today, so if you’re playing anything today in your sheet get it in before then (which is the rule anyway. If you’re not playing anything today, get it in by noon tomorrow.
There are a shitload of games, so a bunch spilled into what would be the NFL section. So, if you want to play the Huskers, you’ll just have to hit NFL in the first dropdown menu. Shane wanted me to delete lesser games, but I know about 5 of you degenerates probably think you have an edge in the Sacramento State/Idaho game, so I let them be.
There were a lot we were trying to do quickly, so if you see errors in the odds, let us know. We won’t allow a huge edge because of a typo, so you won’t benefit by keeping it to yourself and parlaying it with every other one of your plays or something. Just a heads up. See Rule 1 of the DLHB.
If there are other questions or you newbs don’t know what the hell you’re doing, hit us up.
Also, I’m going to murder your dipshits. Lennon, care for a Week 1 side bet (it’s Feez)?
The DL

Degenerate League 2017 Is upon Us

Degenerate brethren,

The dopest time of year is once again upon us. Things will be mostly the same but simpler this year. There won’t be tournaments in any form this year (though I will press hard to win support to implement my league/conferences/divisions/playoffs idea for 2018). So this year, weekly and season winners are it. If you are new to the league, please read the 2017 DL HB to understand what we’re about. Return degenerates can get a refresher there if you like.

We do have one major change, and that is anyone going -$1,000 for the week will owe an additional $20 to the Trash Bin. I’m going to leave it to you, oh brave degenerates, to decide the fate of that additional money. In year’s past, it would have been a decent amount of money, though I’d guess this penalty for putting 20 6-team parlays may make people think twice and reduce the amount of people finishing so low. After we have our final number and payouts set, I’ll put up a poll with the options for what we can do with the Trash Bin and you can decide.

The first pick sheet will obviously be all CFB, as per usual. The season will again be 12 weeks. It should be posted very soon. Get paid to Carr and we’ll be in touch. And if you haven’t subscribed to the website, please do so.

The DL

Pool Play Updated

Pool play totals are updated. This is week 3 of the second pool play tournament, meaning it’s your last shot at making a push. Pool winners advance to the semifinals next week.

Pool 1 is looking pretty open open. Creech jumped out to a commanding lead then immediately fucked it up by going -$1,000. I could see that happening again for sure, so keep at it, Andy, Jake, and Meeeeerrrrr. I suppose Travis. But how about JayLOL? From best pool performance to back to back Munsons? Hahahaha.

Pool 2 is a anyone’s game. No one has been impressive, but most haven’t been too awful, either.

Pool 3 is open and awful. One (barely) positive and 4 below -$1,000? Eeeeesh. Shawn, Wade, and Cowboy making the DL admins look real tough.

Pool 4 is nuts. Lennon, so far below the top needs a sherpa and several more weeks to begin to see the acme. I feel pretty safe that you’re not winning that $130. Dave is sort of in striking distance, though he’ll need a great week and help. Justin F, bringing it hard to nearly lock up a spot in the semis. You see, Creech, after a giant week puts you way out in front, it is a good idea to not Munson yourself out in the middle of nowhere with -$1,000.

Best of luck in the final week of pool play. Some interesting action going down this week.

The DL

2016 Pool Tournament 2

The pools are posted, and I’m excited. So excited, I think I’ll post them again.

Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Pool 4
Jay L Sean K Jeff C Tyson O
Dustin B Marcus H Jordan K Adam K
Andy K Adam Fe Wade W Adam Fl
Travis K Tony B Shawn S Dave K
Kyle F Zach A Tony D Dan L
Jake T Kyle A Joe E Phillip Z
David B Justin F

Bogus is in my pool, and if there’s one thing I know about me and Bogus, it’s that we never run away from a side bet. And yes, we’ll side bet even if we’re on the Bums List. That side bet could be just the thing you need to get off the Bums List, so it’s actually a smart move guys. Bogus, you want some? Sean, you want a piece? I’d love to have you blacked in the GroupMe and crying about how I’m dominating you in the pool.

I expect action from Shane and Wade. Doran, you should probably take a side bet so you remember to submit a sheet. (Also, thanks for not setting your lineup in fantasy. You let the ol’ Grain Belts take a week off from trying and still get the win.)

I have a fun little proposition for you, Lennon. If I win my pool, you owe me $100, if you win yours, I owe you $130, since your pool has one more bro. I feel good about this offer because Phil is due to hit like 4 5-teamers and have a $13,000 week.

Hopefully Phil doesn’t do that, because I’d also be willing to take our pool’s 3-week total against anyone’s.

Mix it up with some of that sweet, sweet side action. As we just saw, winning the tournament isn’t a bad little payday.

The DL