Fake Odds



I’m going to post some fake odds here. Though they’re fake, I’m pretty sure if a Vegas oddsmaker were to make lines for these things, I’d be close. Feel free to add yours in the comments. Also, feel free to make side bets as you wish.


Week 5 Stuff

Snaps Tommy Armstrong takes the rest of the year (if Taylor Martinez is healthy)

Over 3.5 (-110)
Under 3.5 (-110)

Week 4 Stuff

Bo Pelini still coach at Nebraska in 2016

Yes   (FML)
No    (We can only dream)

Total percentage of SDSU Blue on Saturday

Over 9.5% (-140)
Under 9.5% (+130)

Week 3 Stuff

Total Degenerate League Degenerates at The Bar Saturday

Over 4.5 (-190)
Under 4.5 (+170)

– Note, come to The Bar, as many of us (hopefully at least 5) will be going there. Bogus and I have our numbers right there on the home page, so get at us so we can talk shit, double fist Grain Belt and whiskey diets, and slam Lloyd Christmases.

UCLA Total Offense

Over 599.5 (-120)
Under 599.5 (-120)

Will the NCAA give penalties to Oklahoma State that will actually impact their program?

Yes (+700)
No (-900)

Week 2 Stuff

Will media say Huskers D is fixed when we crush Southern Miss

Yes  (-500)
No   (+300)

Total fumbles in Husker/Southern Miss game

Over 4.5  (-120)
Under 4.5 (-120)

Round 1 Tourney Odds

Carr (-250)
Lennon (+200)

Bogus (-175)
Tooley (+150)

Feser (-110)
Jud   (-110)

Shawn is the new Grant. No odds, just pointing it out.\

Week 2 is negative

Yes  (-300)
No  (+250)

Week 1 Stuff

Total number of tums Feser eats Saturday:

Over 9.5 (-150)
Under 9.5 (+120)

Total number of newbs in the green Week 1:

Over 1.5 (-130)
Under 1.5 (-110)

Total number of times Jeff Carr stays out past 9:00 pm on Husker game day:

Over .5 (+250)
Under .5 (-325)

2012 Stuff

Week 12 Stuff

Does Shawn lose a bet in the most miraculous way possible?

Yes   (-350)
No    (+450)

Will someone get shot on this weekend’s Feser and Bogus hunting expedition to SD?

Yes    (+150)
No     (-200)

Week 11 Stuff

Does Wade’s season total finish in the green?

Yes     (+700)
No      (-1000)

Has Phil twice received visitors from the future?

Yes    (-475)
No     (+350)

Week 10 Stuff:

Number of DL members that attend our Saturday party (email to come soon):

Over         5 (-110)
Under      5 (-110)

Bo Pelini spits on official’s face

Yes (-350)
No (+250)

Winner of Feser/Lennon Side Bet

Feser (-300)
Lennon (+225)

That’s right Lennon, I made odds that say I’m the obvious favorite. Chooch.

More to come, but I have a very important meeting I’m not preparing for as I get odds posted for tonight.

Week 9 Stuff:

Number of Sandhills employees that cash in week 9:

Over     1 (+115)
Under  1 (-135)

Most winnings on one bet:

Over       $449 (+100)
Under    $449 (-120)

Dan Lennon’s year-end earnings:

Over        $0.50 (+250)
Under     $0.50 (-350)

Number of people Feser will have to text to remind them to get picks in:

Over      3.5 (-175)
Under   3.5 (+155)

Week 8 Stuff:

Days until Bogus gets engaged:
Over     74 (+150)
Under  74 (-170)

Jeff Carr’s Week 8 Total:               -$500 (-120)
Kyle Fritz’s Week 8 Total:          +$500 (+100)

Tony Bogus Season Total:       pk (-110)
Grant Mathey Season Total:   pk (-110)

Wade’s age when he gets married:
Over        32 (-110)
Under     32 (-110)


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