2017 Bums

Get paid fools.

Week 1 Bums:
David K (Trash Bin $20)

Week 3 Bums:
Tony B

Week 4 Bums:
Tony B
Jordan K (Trash Bin $20)

Week 5 Bums:
Tony B
Sean K (Trash Bin $20)
David K (Trash Bin $20)

Week 6 Bums:
Tony B
David B
Marcus H (Trash Bin $20)
Jay L (Trash Bin $20)
David B (Trash Bin $20)

Week 7 Bums:
Tony B
David B
Tyson O (Trash Bin $20)
Marcus H (Trash Bin $20)
Jordan K (Trash Bin $20)

Paid in full for Season:
Adam F
Wade W
Shawn S
Andy K
Sean K
Tyson O
Ryan H
Marcus H
Jay L
Nick W
Dan L
Chad VO
Phil Z
David K
Tyler A
Joe E
Justin F
Travis K
Matt A
Adam K
Dustin B

Use Paypal, and send payment to jcarr888@yahoo.com.

If you were in the money and still owe season money, I will apply all winnings to the season unless you specifically ask me to pay out.  Once you are paid in full for the season I will payout from Paypal.



One thought on “2017 Bums

  1. Looky Looky…..we have 2 cummissoners , one doctor, one DC idiot who moved to cbus, and one Kuhl-Aid poodle polo popped collar dude who seem to think they don’t have to pay to play in this glorious league. Get off the bums list boys…..mmmmmk

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