Pool Play Updated

Pool play totals are updated. This is week 3 of the second pool play tournament, meaning it’s your last shot at making a push. Pool winners advance to the semifinals next week.

Pool 1 is looking pretty open open. Creech jumped out to a commanding lead then immediately fucked it up by going -$1,000. I could see that happening again for sure, so keep at it, Andy, Jake, and Meeeeerrrrr. I suppose Travis. But how about JayLOL? From best pool performance to back to back Munsons? Hahahaha.

Pool 2 is a anyone’s game. No one has been impressive, but most haven’t been too awful, either.

Pool 3 is open and awful. One (barely) positive and 4 below -$1,000? Eeeeesh. Shawn, Wade, and Cowboy making the DL admins look real tough.

Pool 4 is nuts. Lennon, so far below the top needs a sherpa and several more weeks to begin to see the acme. I feel pretty safe that you’re not winning that $130. Dave is sort of in striking distance, though he’ll need a great week and help. Justin F, bringing it hard to nearly lock up a spot in the semis. You see, Creech, after a giant week puts you way out in front, it is a good idea to not Munson yourself out in the middle of nowhere with -$1,000.

Best of luck in the final week of pool play. Some interesting action going down this week.

The DL


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