Pool Play Week 3 Results and Semifinals

From the update: Results after week 3 (no excel in SD so it won’t look as pretty). I’d have a lot more commentary and odds and shit, but I’m out of town for a funeral and don’t have a ton of time. I’ll leave for Omaha for wedding festivities just a few hours after I get back, so I won’t be able to mix it up on here. We’ll have to take to GroupMe for the true shit talk.

There you have it. My $900.75 was just a hell of a fucking tease. On the other hand, I did win $20 from Shawn for getting 2nd to his laughable 3rd. Suck it, dick cheeseburger.

The DL

Edit: LOL Pool 1 and LOL Bogus for going -1000 when he could have thrown darts at picks and advanced. LOL Wade for being in striking distance and having the leader shit the bed only to shit it worse.


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