Pool Play Week 2

The pool play page is updated to reflect the updated totals. This is the last week to win your pool to advance to the semifinals, and everyone is still alive (though Jordan K is trying his best to be removed, with a hot -$2,000).

Pool 1 is fucking dogshit at this point. Pool 2 is fucking nuts. Pool 3 is middling. Pool 4 is pretty solid. If things hold, Pool 2 is bouts to get seed up against Pool 1, which apparently is just what you want. Though Jay’s blind luck streak is probably about due to run out, so that could actually be good for whoever comes out of Pool 1, assuming Jay doesn’t entirely shit the bed.

I’m jazzed to see who comes out of these pools. If I don’t overtake Travis, I plan to side wager on the tournament anyway, with odds, just an FYI.

The DL


One thought on “Pool Play Week 2

  1. Jesus Christo, Pool 1. Gitcher fuckin shit together. My GD football-lovin’ aunt – who’s 75 with early onset dementia – could be competitive in that pansy-ass division.

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