Pool Play Tournament #1

Basically we’re going back to the tournament we had for years, but instead of single elimination and eliminating so many squads immediately, we will use 4 pools. Pool play will go on for 3 weeks (weeks 3, 4, 5) with the winner having the highest total in those weeks. The winner of each pool will advance to the semi-finals, which are single elimination.

Time to announce the pools.

Pool 1: Andy K, Tony D, David B, Kyle F, Tony B, Adam K

Pool 2: Tyson O, Sean K, Jeff C, Jay L, Phillip Z, Dave K

Pool 3: Zach A, Adam F, Shawn S, Travis K, Dustin B, Kyle A, Marcus H

Pool 4: Jordan K, Wade W, Justin F, Joe E, Jake T, Adam Fl, Dan L

Semi-final bracket:

Pool 1 v Pool 4
Pool 2 v Pool 3

Winners to championship
Losers to 3rd/4th

Champion: $300
Runnerup: $200
3rd Place: $100
4th Place: That sucks for you

I highly encourage side action both within and between pools. For instance, Shawn, I bet you whatever you want that I finish higher in Pool 3. Doran, I bet whatever you want that you finish worse than 2nd in Pool 1. Dan, I bet whatever you want that I finish in a better place in Pool 3 than you do in Pool 4 (ties are a push). Got it?

The DL



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