Week 2 Pick Sheet Posted

On behalf of the rest of DL Management, I’d like to apologize for the haphazard way the league has rolled out this year. 3/5ths of the pricks who try to run this show flew off to Vegas, and 1/3rd of that crew was MIA for a good portion of the trip.  Feser.  It was Feser.  Feser was the drunk fuck who fucked it all up for the rest of us.

In any case, it’s been a mad dash to get scores and sheets posted this week.  We’ll do better going forward.  Week 1 Totals will be up here shortly.  We’ve got a few kinks to iron out – and by “kinks to iron out,” I mean the tribe of Latino Midgets we’ve got operating the advanced system of levers/gears/gadgets/gizmos in Tony’s cellar need to whipped a bit harder this week. CHEERS!

Huskers, 37

Cowboys, 10


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