Get Wrecked, Crush Beerlympics, and Watch Football, For Charity

Fellow Degenerates,

I’m guessing you twats have a bit of experience slinging a bag, tossing a dart, lofting a washer, and shooting some pool right? I’m pretty sure you guys also don’t mind partying. And I know you got nothing against watching football all day. Especially when we got that sweet, sweet DL action we can trash talk about. If any of this makes you a little horny, you should probably read on.

November 14th, which is the day Nebraska plays at Rutgers, which is next Saturday, we are having a rager. And since my last Arc (the non-profit I run) fundraiser under performed by a bit, it’s also going to be an unofficial Arc of Lincoln fundraiser.

The idea is basically Beerlympics at Crawford’s (was Woody’s) with the possibility of winning some dough, and for sure having a blast. Events will be bags, darts, pool, and washers. Entry for the tournament will be $50/person with a suggested donation to the Arc of Lincoln of $50/person (or more if you’re super dope). I assume this isn’t too prohibitive, since we spend 4 times that making fake bets every year, haha. You’ll need a partner (and obviously they need to be cool with the cost, too). There will be 16 teams of 2. Each team that wins an event gets $100, then your points for each event are totaled and the top 4 get $500, $375, $225, and $100. Each event is 10 points for 1st, 7 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd, and 1 for 4th.

We’ll have all the beer you can drink for $20/wristband. We’ll also have an option to have all the beer/whiskey you can drink for $40/wristband.

This will start at 11 am so we are rocking for the kickoff for early games and to give us time to get it all finished. Nebraska is at 2:30, so we can have a good start before the game gets going. There will likely also be a poker tournament after the Beerlympics for those interested.

From the DL, we will have me (Feser), Bog, Wade, Lennon, Carr (with Jay, maybe?), and Fritz. We have still have room for 3 teams. We are putting inviting a lot of folks, and it is first come first serve for the last 3 spots. Though if you want to just come drink and party, you can do that. 

This all make sense? If you want in, let me know immediately so I can reserve a spot. Then also let me know who your partner is.

This will also be the first time I’ll really party since having my second whippersnapper, so the possibility of an early blackout for Big Daddy Feez is super high.

Hopefully a few of you like to get weird.

See you soon,

The DL


One thought on “Get Wrecked, Crush Beerlympics, and Watch Football, For Charity

  1. Lee B is also attending from the DL and we are partners for this shitfest. We are going to chooch you fools. which game above is the game that you need a 9 iron, ice cubes, and a buffalo….preferable stuffed for safetly purposes…..

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