Week 9 Results & Season Standings

Shit’s been posted and a small piece of me died inside when I typed “Week 9.”  Only 3 weeks of Degenerate League action, boys and Flanagan.  We’ll get the spreads posted here w/in the next day or two.

And to respond to Feser’s previous post Re: the MSU @ NU spread, I’d just like to say you’d have to be high off your ass to wager on the Big Red team that trotted it’s pathetic ass out onto the field last Saturday.  Not saying they can’t steal the dub, but the last couple of weeks have been about the sorriest fucking excuse for a football team this state’s seen since Ott Seven w/ Wild Billy C.

  1. Adam K. – $2,165.90 *
  2. Andy K. – $1,188.35 *
  3. Travis K. – $1,104.93 *
  4. Jordan K. – $997.79 *
  5. Cale H. – $972.20
  6. Marcus H. – $933.52

* Uhhh, also, Dave K. and Sean K. need to get their shit together.  This is obviously the year of “K,” and they’re running around playin’ grab ass w/ the neighbors, apparently.

2 thoughts on “Week 9 Results & Season Standings

  1. Where the fuck are all the DL members meeting up at before the game on Saturday? Carr and myself are wondering where to bring our green hats….

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