Nebraska +4.5

I’m pretty sure the preseason Michigan State line was like 7.5. So obviously we’ve played well enough this season to shrink the line, right?

I’m super intrigued to see what everyone plays. Cook only needing to cover 4.5 against our secondary is damned tempting, no? A lot of the guys *cough Gerry cough* seemed like they gave negative fucks, if any, last week, too. But Vegas seems to think a night game in Memorial against a top 10 team will be enough for even the most zombie-like of holdovers to wake the hell up.

Michigan State is not nearly as good as their record, and before last week I’d have said we’re not nearly as bad as ours. On the other hand, Tommy is back. Yet on a third hand, I’m not entirely sure he’s all that much better (though I think leg/foot injuries are part of the reason he’s regressed, since it’s caused his footwork to regress).

We certainly have the tools to make a torrid backdoor run, as we did at Michigan State last year.

Anyone have any other insights? I mean, at -4.5, Michigan State is going to get like 90% of the public, right?

My last few weeks have sucked enough balls that I’m thinking Huskers money line in every bet. We’re running out of weeks. Time to get saucy.

The DL


One thought on “Nebraska +4.5

  1. If this isn’t the mother of all bets that are in the boat of “seems to good to be true” then I don’t know what ever will be. I find it so hard to believe that Michigan doesn’t come in and piss pound the shit out of our defense. We will need to come guns a blazing and our defense needs to actually care for once. I plan to get hammered and get all meathead like when i witness us shove in right in the Spartans butts!

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