Week 7 Results and Season Standings

Here ya go:

  1. Andy K. – $2,011.80
  2. Marcus H. – $1,431.52
  3. Wade W. – $1,345.11
  4. Jordan K. – $1,272.85
  5. Tyson O. – $1,212.81
  6. John C. – $987.98

Go Big Red.


4 thoughts on “Week 7 Results and Season Standings

    • Well, he’s already fired. What would we be vocal about? I guess we could say I thought it was hilarious when SDSU went to Youngstown and kicked the shit out of him with a freshman QB from Sioux Falls. The 5 losses are no fun, but the fact that they’re by 13 instead 30 each is nice. I see a lot of things moving in the right direction and think in a few years we’ll be dominating the West, with the hope that every so often that translates into something bigger.

      • I have been disappointed in the DL chatter. Just tryin to ruffle some feathers.
        I’m not a Bo fan. I’m a big fan of Husker fans bitching, pissing and moaning. The silver lining in the 5 loss season is the Internet machine being loaded with Husker dipshits giving their 2 cents..

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