Week 5 Results & Season Standings

Ughhh, this is awful.  It is with deep regret that I inform you Pink Shirt Guy took down the caysh prize for Week 5

dumb and dumber animated GIF

  1. Adam Fl: $1,264.72
  2. Sean K: $789.18
  3. Joe H: $666.12
  4. Zach A: $419.20
  5. Dave K: $398.98
  6. Jordan K: $265.00

Updated spreadsheet for Week 6 is posted.  Party on, Party People.


5 thoughts on “Week 5 Results & Season Standings

  1. Get used to it fuckers. You’ll be seeing my name at the top of the weekly leaderboard a lot from here on out. It’s enjoyable winning money, but much, much more enjoyable knowing I’m taking Columbus guys’ money. I do feel bad for the local Hooters though, I’m sure business is going down with all the money being funneled out of town….

  2. The trash talk in this League is about as weak as Phillip Dillard’s hot takes. Do i need to let someone else win some money so they are frisky enough to type some fucking replies in here??

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