Week 2 Results & Season Standings Posted

It’s Wally’s World, and we’re all just livin’ in it.  Here are the top 6 from Week 2:

1st – Wally S.: $3,882.04 (courtesy of a Rice backdoor cover in the final :37)

2nd – Tony B.: $2,280.17 (was gonna talk shit, until I remembered how much you do to make this site work…keep fighting the good fight, Tony B.)

3rd – Bill B.: $1,494.97 (DFL one week, cash money the next)

4th – Tyson O.: $809.62 (a week late and a dollar short…when do you pick up Miss George?)

5th – Kyle F.: $363.97 (quit worryin about telling the world about your Benjamin Button-type twins and geeeeeit the fuck off the bums list)

6th – Marcus H.: $342.22 (Horny Hansen didn’t come to fuck around this year, boys…you’ve been warned)

New Odds sheet will be posted sometime today.


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