Week 1 Results Posted

The Week 1 Results, Season Standings, and DL Handbook page have been updated.  Payout info can be found on the Handbook page.  We’ve got 31 combatants this season, so that’s neat.  Here are the Week 1 Payouts:

  1. Marcus H – $200
  2. Phil Z – $150
  3. Joe H – $125
  4. Adam K – $100
  5. Dirk B – $75
  6. Dan L – $50

We’ll get the pick sheet updated for Week 2 today or tomorrow.  If you haven’t paid for Week 2, get it to Jeff Carr ASAP.


4 thoughts on “Week 1 Results Posted

  1. Fuckers, fuckers, fuckers. After an outstanding 6th place finish in Week 1, my little fiery crotch rocket and I are feeling pretty sassy about dominating this bitch all year long. You want analogies? Fine. Think of me as Ray Rice and you as an elevator enthusiast. Think of me as Daunte Culpepper and you as a sex boat. Think of me as a firework and you as Jason Pierre Paul’s finger. Catch my drift?

    Based on this, I am offering up an open challenge to whichever of you poor pathetic excuses has squinted long enough at their little baby pecker to convince themselves that isn’t “that small” and you can take down a Nickelback lovin’ cheap whisky drinkin’ red pube sportin’ SOB like myself.

    The bet you ask? Season total earnings at the end of the year. The wager? The loser has to buy this beautiful bastard of a trophy, have it personalized to say “I suck balls”, with your name on it for 2015, and then display it at your house (or your hand job shack under the bridge after your wife kicks you out for being such a inept pile of shit). The good news? This will become the new D-League last place trophy so you will only have to embarrass your manhood for 1 year until some other dipshit gets last and has to assume the disgrace and complete lack of poon.


    The metaphorical gauntlet has been thrown. Come at me bro.

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