2015 DL Is Upon Us


I know you know that we all know it’s DL time, but I don’t want the first post on the homepage to be last year’s results (when I win then we’ll start letting those be more visible). So here is that first 2015 post on the homepage to make you all a little bit moist.

I want to reiterate that everyone needs to read the 2015 DL HB, and if you’re a buster-ass newb, read it closely.

Pick sheets tonight or tomorrow, barring disaster.

Man, I’m glad we have discipline, otherwise I’d want to bump our bet amount to $5,000 so I could have something on every single damn game.

I’m planning on doing some tailgating. Anyone else heading down? I love getting 6 or 7 DL fellas in the same place watching a game everyone has something on. Then the true shit talking can commence.

Anyone have a saucy side bet to throw my way (this is Feser, bee tee dub)? I’ve got the itch so hard I don’t know that I can wait until Thursday to scratch it. A little side bet might just be what the Mayor ordered.

Glad to see we have a newb already mixing it up in the comments. Get ’em going Flanny. Or whatever Flan-based nickname you go by.

I could ramble all day, but I suppose I can leave it there. Man shit is good.

The DL

7 thoughts on “2015 DL Is Upon Us

  1. I don’t see a place to to list “side bets.” Me and Tyson have a wager on this week’s action. If I finish with more overall $ than him, I get the naming rights to his yet-to-be-picked-up chocolate lab puppy.

    I’m gonna name her Miss George, after our 7th Grade Spanish Teacher who loved cats. If Tyson wins, he gets naming rights to one future pet of mine. I’m sure he’ll pick something douchey, like Striker or LaRussa or Chad.

    RE: Flanagan’s Trash Talk…
    I know we’re an equal opportunity employer here at the DL, but management really dropped the fucking ball by letting Team Twisted Tea into the mix. I give him til the 2nd series before he’s riding Taysom Hill’s dick and preaching the Book of Mormon to us all. Fuckin bandwagoner. And Feez, we don’t have a “Flan-based” nickname for him. We just call him, “Guy in the Pink Shirt.”

    Let the betting begin!

  2. Shawn, you know I bleed Husker red, sorry I wasn’t a Boblower like some of my more feeble minded friends. All is good in Husker world now though. Riley is my boy. He’s gonna bring us back to the promised land. Bring the culture back to where it was in the 90’s, when we not only raped and pillaged our opponents, but also the coeds on campus too. God Bless America and God Bless Mike Riley.

  3. Happy Bo Pelini Day everyone! This is a great day to celebrate the fact that cocksucker is long gone and coaching in the human wasteland that is Youngstown, Ohio.

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