Final Week of the Regular Season

This week is your last chance, so load up on 6-teamers for one last shot at glory. The tournament is updated. Jay wins the pool. That skinny fuck really came on strong at the end of the year.

A lot of people are within striking distance of cashing for the season, but no one is even fucking close to catching the leader. Fuck you Landon H. This, “I’m not gonna even fucking try and I’ll still crush everyone” is some real Kelly Leak bullshit. Take your moped and cigs and get right the fuck out of here.

Good. Now that that prick is gone the rest of us can move on with our week.

Let’s also not forget that you can cash a pretty healthy sum for your Week 13 effort. It’s a very difficult balance. Chase the season glory, or try to cash the week when everyone loads up on big parlays. Fuck that, don’t be a pussy.

I’m working out ideas for this year’s postseason, so if you have any sweet ones, let me know.

The DL


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