Weekly Results, Season Standings, Career Earnings, and the Tournament have all been updated. The Tournament bracket has last week’s results and this week’s matchups.

Andy K, you’re going to kick yourself when you read this fucking part. Landon H, leader of the league, up and didn’t submit a fucking sheet this week. In a twist worthy of an M. Night Shyamalan film (the more recent, really fucking dumb ones), Landon still manages to advance to the semifinals in the tournament. Why, you ask? Because Andy K also went -$1,000. Tie breaker goes through each bet on the sheet. If you assume the worst case for Landon H, which we do since he didn’t submit it, his bets are -$150, -$150, -$150, -$150, -$150, -$150, and -$100. Guess whose sheet had the exact same result? Yep, Andy K. Second tie breaker is season total, where Landon H is king. I guess when you’re on a roll you can literally not even try and still win. Dick. We’ll be amending that portion of the DL HB next year so that you have to submit a damn sheet to advance in the tournament.

As for our knockout pool, Matt A and Jay L are both alive.

Lastly, the picks sheet should be available pretty soon.

The DL

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