Kyle told me he had a horrible week, so I thought I was Boozer. But Kyle pulled a fast one, and I was the ref.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the last you’ll hear about Kyle from me.

The DL

6 thoughts on “Fuck

    • When I did my calculations, I didn’t realize that I had the Lions in my parlay as a ML, so hahaha. Fuck you Kyle. I was actually then one that made you think you were Boozer, when in fact I was Boozer, and you were the ref. You’ll get your 500 words, but I’ll get my $25. I don’t know which is more valuable, to be honest.

    • I’m Boozer, but only in that I punched Kyle, the ref here, in the nuts. It was a double switheroo, making the nut punch only more excruciating.

      In other fun Boozer news, I heard that he had a great game last night for the super awesome Lakers. 4 points, 4 turnovers, 8 fucking turnovers. Hahaha. That’s how you earn your $16.8 million salary. The Lakers are only paying $3.25 million of it and they’re still getting fucked.

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