DL Tournament #2 Posted

The tournament is in memoriam of Cowboy Carr’s futile attempt at a repeat victory, as I don’t think he’ll recover from his current spot in 29th. Or maybe this will be just the reverse jinx he needs.

In other exciting bits, Fritzy and I have a showdown. Matched up in fantasy and in the DL. I love it. This sweep is going to sting your nutsack. We already have a creative side bet for the fantasy, so I think the side bet here should be monetary. $25 bones seems right, since that’s the weekly buy in. Accept?

I’m quite interested to see if Wade can pull of an upset of Wally world. Maybe you can send Wally a telegram with a side bet proposal. Matt A and Phil Z is also interesting. Will they go for broke and try for a big score, or try and advance in the tournament? Tooley has a tall task in trying to upset Jeff L, but he’s certainly due.

I also want to propose a knockout pool. I’ll be challenging 10 folks, and if you want in you simply Paypal $10 to me before 5:00 pm tonight. The last man standing collects the $100, or however much ends up being in there. We scaled back tournament payout a bit this year, so this will sweeten it, and give you a shot at winning some cash even if you don’t place. If there are multiple people eliminated in the same round that are the last standing, the tie breaker is earnings in that round. If there is a tie in earnings in that round, we revert to the tiebreakers in the DL HB.

Knockout pool challenge thrown down to:

Dan L
Jay L
Joe H
Matt A
Shawn S
Wade W
Tony B
Neal J
Jeff C

If you for sure don’t want in, let me know so I can extend the challenge to someone else.

I strongly encourage others to get in there with side action. As Shawn once sagely texted in response to a different additional piece of wagering, degeneration on top of degeneration on top of degeneration. In fact, I think I’ll make that the DL’s new tagline.

The DL
Degeneration on top of degeneration on top of degeneration


4 thoughts on “DL Tournament #2 Posted

  1. I’m thinkin Jay L and Wade W want no part of this knockout pool. May as well just give your money to a worthy charity. Starostka Men take no fucking prisoners come tourney time.

    [audio src="http://www.moviewavs.com/0093058674/WAVS/Movies/Tommy_Boy/agoodone.wav" /]

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