Husker Lines for the rest of the Year



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4 thoughts on “Husker Lines for the rest of the Year

  1. NU +500 to win the league seems nice (+600 to start the year). Also, +160 to win the West is wonderful (+160 to start). Odds haven’t shifted much since preseason, and if anything, I feel BETTER about our chances to accomplish those goals now. And the West seems waaaaay shittier than initially thought (by the experts, anyway…Wisconsin and Iowa are so fucking terrible on offense).

    Not sayin it’s gonna happen, but this team doesn’t seem like one that’ll have the usual fuckups (ie, lose at home to Rutgers). See ya in Indy, jerks.

  2. I agree. We’ll know for sure after Northwestern, but this team seems to have a better identity than years past. I feel like they’ll continue beating teams with way shittier talent. Wisconsin is the scariest game left, and they really aren’t that good.

    Running the table is definitely optimistic, but does +800 seem like it’s a pretty good number, considering we’re favored by 4.5 or more in all but one game, in which we’re a 3.5-point dog?

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