Side Bet

I left a comment, but I thought I’d post it, too.

There is a noticeable dearth of side bet activity this season. I hate it. Jeff L, we have a tournament showdown. How do you feel about a sweet ass side bet? I have $20 that Doran still owes me that I’m happy to put up. If you live in the area (fill out your trash talk guide so I can know this and other shit with which to trash talk) we could make it booze/bar related. I’m game.

I feel like Bogus and Phil need to get one going for sure.

I also want to add that Shawn and Kobus seems like there should be a bunch more smack and such.

The DL


6 thoughts on “Side Bet

  1. Adam K is Bears fan, and thus, a shitty human. I will gladly dispose of him this week, and revel in the Packers ripping YET ANOTHER dubya at Soldier Field next week.

    20 bucks says I beat your brains in this week AND the Packers do the same to the Bears next week? Standard 2-team parlay odds.

    Or if yer too skeered, I’ll just roll 20 on either, or both, separately. Your move, wussy.

      • Yeah, I wouldn’t wanna bet on a team quarterbacked by a ciggy-smokin’ whiner, such as Jay Cutler either.

        No matter! $20 to the victor this week, who’s name won’t be Victor at all. Good luck, sir.

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