Tournament Update

It is updated. There were an lot of extremely close showdowns. I think 3 of them involved people that were next to each other in the standings. You can check to make sure you weren’t wrongly left behind, but we should be good.

I’m bummed that Jay couldn’t get it done. We had big plans for the photo/video of Jay pissing on the burning ashes of the Creighton tickets. On the bright side for Dan, now he’ll be able to watch a ranked team do some work this year.

Week 2 gives us a matchup of Sean/Shawn. How about for a side bet, whoever loses has to admit their spelling of the name is wrong and take the other guy’s? Lennon and Philip is an intriguing match, and I hope they can get innovative with a side bet. I have Wally, who is an old man who doesn’t take time for all this new-fangled computer business, so trash talk and side betting probably are at a minimum for me. I’ll just have to bask in asking Doran for the $20 he owes me. Feels good.

Shawn, why don’t you tell your old man I’m going to punish him this week for raising such a douche of a son?

The DL


2 thoughts on “Tournament Update

  1. Walter Edward Starostka raised a fucking SAINT!! You hear me?!?!!!! You watch yer goldanged mouth, partner. I just forwarded Walt this week’s scouting report on his opponent. It went something like this:

    -Slovenly fellow who strikes fear into the hearts of no one, his toddler son included.
    -Seldom wins anything of value.
    -Tends to fail often, so just sit back, and let him make a mess of this situation.
    -Will likely gift wrap the dubya for you.
    -Small hands; smells like cabbage.

    Also, Faux Shawn is going down, guaranteed. Sean???? Pffffft, please. If it’s okay by Shawn Kemp and his tribe of illegitimate children, it’s okay by me.

    • Dear Shawn (pronounced as Sean),

      The only things we have in common are a similar sounding name and we are both in the 2nd round. So we are already better than 16 losers in here so that is nice.

      I like you, but my name is cooler, more efficient and most importantly – correctly spelled.

      You might as well add a few more letters to your name since it has too many already. Sshhhaaawnnn. Since Sean can be spelled correctly in 4 letters, do you add more just for the fun of it? Just seems odd and like a waste of time everytime you use it.

      Anyway, good luck, from now on you can be B-team Shawn or JV Shawn. Keep striving for excellence my friend.

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