Trash Talk Guide Updated (Somewhat)

Shawn here.  I just noticed the Trash Talk Guide has been updated w/ what we’ve gotten so far.  Get your shit in, if you haven’t already.

Items to note:

  • I’d be willing to be bet Doran likes Scotch about as much as I like a good kick to the taint.
  • Really wanted to sit down (errr, dance party all night) and have an RBV w/ Phil Z until I saw his favorite teams are the Seahags, FUCKING SPURS, and Sawx.  Are you fucking shitting me?  Did you also like the Cowboys, Bulls, and A’s in the 90’s?  This is serious bandwagonry, and it should not be tolerated by the DL, or any red-blooded, self-respecting Nebraskan.
  • Nobody asked for your favorite Hockey team, Tyson.  Just shut the fuck up about it already.
  • John C is close to the worst human on the list, by virtue of his NOTRE DAME pick.  Nope, he IS the worst.
  • Feser is 2nd worst b/c of his BAAAHHHSTON affiliation.  Shove it up your buns, Feez.

Go Big Red!

Week 2 Results are also posted.


One thought on “Trash Talk Guide Updated (Somewhat)

  1. Shawn,
    Update the season standings you glorified secretary. You work for Uncle Sam so I know you have about 7 hours of downtime to work with.

    I like that the smack questions include a “if employed” option.
    We got Cousin Eddys in here who are “Holding out for a management position”?

    Go BlackHawks

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