Tournament Bracket

It’s posted. I expect some trash talk and side bets, and I’ll have the trash talk guide up later or tomorrow. Picks sheets will go out within the hour. I’m going to smoke Doran. Perhaps I even threw last week so I could draw him. Who knows? I’m open to any bet you want, fool.

The DL

10 thoughts on “Tournament Bracket

  1. Feez first of all I do appreciate the fact that you had enough confidence in me to know I would be top 6 for the week. Your number… 27 for the week… You should put up or shut up. Your betting skills from last year and the first week of this year have been equal to that of a toddler. The results from week to week suggest possible Dementia and Delusions of Grandeur which makes me very confident in a first round win. I’m going to keep this short… $20 says you don’t make it out of the first round of the tourney.

  2. Dear Jay “I’m not gay…..ok I am Bi-curious” Lechner: You have been called out. That’s right, I plan to expose your lack of betting skills and ability to make witty combacks in one fell swoop. Here is what I propose: Since you have season tickets to Nebrasketball, and I have season tickets to America’s team, the Bluejays of Creighton, the loser has to give up his pair of tickets to the winner to a game of the winner’s choosing this upcoming year. Shit just got real Jay. Can you feel the pressure? I bet you are looking at your shitty pick sheet right now and wishing mine was already posted so you could snipe some winning bets.

    Dan “I may have a small penis, but at least it is covered in fire pubes” Lennon

      • Where do I start…
        Dan, let’s go back to the days of Sigma “Fly” Epsilon and living below you. Sitting on the couch, enjoying a famous Choco Taco when all of the sudden I hear someone screaming profanities, stomping around, punching walls because of a bad beat on Full Tilt poker. “NO WAY, DID MY POCKET QUEENS GET BEAT! I MEAN, GOD!, I AM PLAYING ONLINE POKER, I THOUGHT THIS WAS FAIR!” Who would have thought that online poker would be rigged? Didn’t matter, Dan pumped money into it, and all he recieved in return was a sweet Full Tilt jersey and towel that he wore proudly, saying to everyone, “Hey, I may have lost 10K, but I got this sweet jersey and towel!” Maybe you and the other “soon to be poker pros” can go hang out in Council Bluffs, and maybe one day you too can make it big, or end up in a trailer punching walls there.
        Lastly, about your Creighton wager, I accept. But once I get these tickets I will post a video of me, urinating on them and lighting them on fire.

        Game on.

      • As I get off of my rage filled rant, you are risking the equivilant of going to a womens South Dakota highschool game. Step your side up.

      • Dear Jay,

        I would like to retort bullet-point style:

        * I assume by “Enjoying a Famous Choco Taco” you really meant burying your face in some Phi Mu’s chubby pink taco…..extra sour cream, just how you like it.
        * I
        * I still wear only my Full Tilt jersey and towel every casual Friday at work. When my dong slips out the ladies call it “The Royal Flush”.
        * South Dakota is the greatest state in the union (minus the fact it produced Grams and all the corresponding piss soaked couches, of course).
        * I am [almost] tempted to lose in the tournament on purpose just so you can know what it is like to watch a real team play basketball.
        * I am better than you at Halo.

  3. This is Jeff. Nothing of value to be won in Jay’s corner, only Dan’s. Prop’s to Dan though trying to snake tickets to Nebraska’s only bball team. More of a punishment going to a Creighton game, not a prize.

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