Lots of information coming your way.


The first week was a pretty rousing success, other than the fact that my sheet was garbage. LSU screwed me with the hook in the DL, but at least I won by the hook in the real world.

What in the hell got into Johnny C? Cripes. I’ll just go parlay crazy and hit $4,475.98 in week 1, no big deal. Hopefully he washes his ass, because we’ll be chasing it for a long time. If he doesn’t, at least we’ll be a long way from it for several weeks.

Nearly 2/3 of the league finished in the green. Obviously we should all just quit our day jobs and bet on everyone’s bets and make millions and live like Jordan Belfort in the 90s.

A couple of noobs even cashed in week 1. Fucks. I knew Joe Bags and Mando were going to be too good. I should never have talked Mando into not being such a pussy. And I guess Joe is hardly a noob, since he was a participant in the very first trial run of our fantasy gambling idea. It was baseball and involved a pick a day sent by email, so I think we’ve come a long way.


We had one last flake we didn’t see coming, so the league is capped at 31 guys. That means we’ve had to adjust payouts, and we also tried to get increments of $25 to make Cowboy’s life easier. Here they are (and they’re also in the DL HB):


1st – $200
2nd – $125
3rd – $50


1st – $200
2nd – $150
3rd – $125
4th – $100
5th – $75
6th – $50


1st – $1,050
2nd – $825
3rd – $600
4th – $400
5th – $200
6th – $150
7th – $100


32 would have given us a great number with no byes, it would have been just like starting the second round of the NCAA Tournament. 31 is still pretty solid, it just gives us 1 bye. Since I’ll be seeding based on season total, Johnny C will be getting that bye. Son of a bitch. I’ll be getting the bracket up shortly. I’m also working on a little side project that I’ll need your help with. I’ll be emailing you individually for it. It will be very short, so get it back to me as quickly as you can. The basic premise of the side project is that many of us don’t know other guys well enough to have a foundation for trash talk. I’m going to try and remedy that. I expect once I get it up, trash talk and side betting will get much more aggressive.


We will be posting screenshots soon, and you will get your pick sheets either tonight or early tomorrow. The pick sheet odds will be the same as the screen shots, so you can feel confident when examining those.


The Bums list is updated, and if you find yourself on there you have payments to make. Get on it. I’m talking to you, self.

That about wraps it up. Great start to the season.

The DL


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