Merry Degenerate League Day!

I emailed this, but I’ll put it here, too, for comments – though Marcus’ “ROCK HARD” reply was already pretty great. The best thing about that comment is that it works on several levels. Does it mean he’s so juiced he’s in a mood for some AC/DC so he can rock hard? Or perhaps it means that he’s so aroused at the thought of the new DL season he’s looking at his fallus, which is rock hard? Is he throwing Devil Horns or using the Devil’s Grip? Either way, great reply.

Merry Degenerate League Day, everyone!

Click here you will find an updated 2014 DL Handbook. There are changes, so I would appreciate it if you gave it a read. If you are returning, at the very least read the making picks section, as the new picks sheet is even sweeter. If you’re a noob, then you have to read it. It will only make life easier for everyone. If a Noob asks me if they can bet all their $1,000 on one game, they owe me $100, because they obviously didn’t read the DL HB.

Click here to find the bums list. It may not have been updated since yesterday, but you need to get off of this list right meow. The league action starts this week, and when we get your sheet you need to be paid. If there are extenuating circumstances, contact us. But either get paid or let us know why you can’t and when you will. You should already know this if you read the DL HB, but Paypal your buy in ($100) and weekly fee ($25) to

We will be posting the Week 1 Picks sheet on the website and emailing it out around lunch or a little after. If you read the HB, you’ll know the changes in the sheet. Suffice it to say it’s super boss and we’ve removed the possibility of you making errors in the spread/total/odds. The one drawback is that we will not be using teasers this year, but those are a fool’s game anyway. Parlays are still in.

The first game is today at 5:00 pm, so if you want to play any of today’s games you need your sheet in before then. No sheets with Thursday’s games after 5:00 pm today. Remember, save the sheet with your name and send it to this email. If you don’t want to play Thursday games you are free to get it in tomorrow by 1:00 pm. I posted the odds we used to make the sheet under the Odds/CFB tab on the website, so you can go and have all your plays planned before you even get the sheet.

Be sure to not make selections on your sheet for games that have already occurred (which should be obvious). Also just double check to make sure you clicked the right team and play type before sending it in. We won’t be double checking sheets since odds, spreads, and totals are now foolproof. So if you meant to click Nebraska but clicked FAU, we will have no way of knowing. Once we get that sheet, those are your picks.

I’m trying to make sure I have everything covered, but if I’ve forgotten something, please let me know. I’m super fucking jacked that it’s football season, and that is due largely to the return of the DL. I can’t wait to get lit up and talk trash every weekend with some of you bronies.

Noobs, feel free to hit us up with any questions (after reading the DL HB). Also, be sure to comment and talk shit on the website. I’ll try and post a few new things today. You should follow it so you are updated when there are new posts.

Alright. We’ll hit you up with the picks sheet a bit later. Merry fucking Degenerate League Day, you dirty-ass degenerates.

The DL

One thing I forgot to mention – this week is college football only. NFL, and the first DL tournament, start next week. Now get paid fools.


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