Preparing for Degenerate League 2014

Hey suckers,

We are awful close to the beginning of football season, so it’s about time that we figure out which of you degenerate losers is going to get in on the action. There are people outside of this group clamoring to get in, but since you were all good enough to participate last year we thought it only fair to give you first dibbs on re-upping.

The price will likely be very similar to last year, though if we can find an automated site to handle some of the administrative stuff and give us real-time results we may have a small fee. It’d be fucking sweet, as then it would be like placing bets at an online book. If we can’t find anything that fits our needs at a reasonable cost, Bog may work some Excel magic to make things extra sweet. Either way, just figure it will be pretty much what it was last year.

There may be a few changes, though the overall DL will remain mostly as is. For instance, we’ll probably restructure payouts to make the tournament a bit small portion of the overall pot. If I decide to change things in the rule book, it will likely be the pictures with which I try to embarrass people.

Basically, let us know if you are in so you will have a spot reserved. If you don’t get back to us by the end of the week, we’ll assume that means we can fill your spot with someone else and begin our recruitment–and by recruitment I mean we can begin accepting sweet gifts from guys dying to get in the league.

I think that’s all the updating we’ll be doing for now. As we get closer to kickoff, expect the final details and rule updates, as well as more emails/website posts, side bets, and shit talking. That reminds me, I’m pretty sure Wade already started laying into Bogus for his sweet performance last year. I can only hope that leads to a monstrous side bet. Man I can’t fucking wait for the DL to be in full effect. If you agree, just make sure we know soon. If not,

The DL


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