Final Postseason Standings Posted

They’re posted under the tab “Postseason Final.”  Thanks for playing everyone.  It was fun giving Jeff more money.  Dr. Kruse gave it the old college try, but came up just short.  Next time, Doctor.  Next time.

(Side Note: Bill, if your score looks askew, it’s because you submitted the Michigan State ML twice on your college card and nobody caught it in time.  One wager was therefore counted as a loss.  Thankfully, it didn’t affect the payouts.)

Fritz had a valiant attempt at trash talk yesterday.  Valiant, yes.  Substantive?  Fuck no.  Fritz, do the League rules mention anything about us handing out 4th place ribbons?  4th place talking trash to 8th place is the equivalent of Feser talking shit to Bogus during the regular season.  Just fucking sad.  Until you’re swimming in a sea of greenbacks, keep your piehole shut.

Anyhoo, good to see the Big Red end on a positive note and I’m looking forward to what 2014 has to offer.  I’m sure the first time the Defense surrenders a TD, Captain Negativity – aka, Adam Kevin Feser – will be out in full force w/ a 7500 word blog post for us all to ignore.

We’ll get this League whipped into shape for next season.  In the meantime, if you’ve got any suggestions for improvements, send ’em to the DL email.  It’ll probably get checked once between now and next season.

GBR  in 2014 and Beyond.


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