Week Pending Updated

The “Week Pending” tab has been updated to reflect everyone’s total as of this instant, including Bowls.  If you have a parlay “pending” w/ your bowl plays, I didn’t count it as a win or a loss – I just left it out of the calculations.  So nothing on the Bowl side is official, but everything by way of NFL oughta be 100% accurate.  If your total looks incorrect, let us know.

I don’t know how many times we’ve told Jeff C. to knock it the hell off, but he just doesn’t get it.  How in the name of tiny baby Jesus did you peg the Chase Daniel-led Chiefs to hang w/ a Chargers team needing a win to survive?  Sometimes I think you’re good; other times I wish you’d die a terrible terrible death I think you’re just lucky.

Fritz, king of the meaningless trash talk, chose not to submit picks yesterday.  Pry just as well.  You saved yourself some time by not having to do any research, and you ended up w/ the same total anyway.

If you haven’t paid up (like me), please do so ASAP.  Carr needs more money to wipe his fucking ass with.


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