Postseason NFL Week 2 Odds

They are posted. And knock it off Carr.

The DL


2 thoughts on “Postseason NFL Week 2 Odds

  1. Don’t worry. I post the sheets to the web. I’ll wait til about 2:15 on Sunday, and tweak his card just enough to ensure he wins NOTHING. When he asks about it, I’ll DENY DENY DENY, and rely on the rest of the DL to throw out comments like, “sorry buddy, the website is official,” and “you can’t prove shit, pal.”

    To counter the fact that this Jerk Store is in charge of the finances, I’ll simply report his PayPal account for fraud. IRS anyone? Sound good? I mean, worst case scenario, he’s gotta claim his winnings on this year’s taxes.

    Sorry, Carr. You forced my hand. The integrity of the DL doesn’t exist when one dicknose is making off w/ everyone’s money.

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