Post-Season is Here

Post-season is ready to begin NOW.  The rules are the same as the regular season as far as what you can/can’t bet (parlays, MLs, straight action, etc.).  Cost to enter will be $25 and we’ll determine payout once we know how many entries we have.  We may do an overall payout, an NFL payout, and a college payout.  Again, we won’t know until we see how many participants we have.  Paypal the money to Carr as usual – now you have to be in, Jeff, as you’re the accountant.

The way it will work is you’ll have a total of $3,000 to wager over the next 3 weeks.  $1,500 must be bet on the bowl games.  $500 must be bet each week on NFL action.  ALL bowl picks must be submitted by 2 p.m. Friday, December 20th.  This will allow us to post the sheets prior to the first game on Saturday, December 21st.  NFL picks must be submitted by the Friday before each week (Dec. 13th, Dec. 20th, and Dec. 27th).  Unless you’re betting the Thursday game, in which case all NFL picks need to be submitted before kickoff.

Feser will get the spreads for this week’s NFL action posted here shortly.  I will follow with a group email w/ a slightly altered spreadsheet everyone will use.  You’ll basically just use the same sheet, w/ multiple tabs.  Our resident nerd who developed the spreadsheet – aka, Tony Bogus; aka, the Dickless Wonder; aka Tony Jones – decided pouting about his regular season performance was more important than regaining his fucking dignity w/ some post-season partying.  So, we won’t have a real kickass spreadsheet, but I’ll make something work.

Speaking of Dickless Wonders, if any of the 9 folks who profited from Regular Season DL action fail to participate in the post-season, I’ll personally send Wade over to your place of employment to lop your dick and balls off so you can use the fucking women’s restroom w/out feeling ashamed.  Sack up and make this shit happen.  It’s $25 and it’s a fuck load more gambling action prior to a long, harsh winter filled w/ all the wonks here in Omaha talking about how great Creighton basketball is.  Let’s delay that as long as possible.

Your odds of winning are great.  God knows Fritz can’t keep up that insane run of successful wagers.  Carr sure’s fuck ain’t hittin another $8 billion parlay.  John C is participating, and I’m not sure he hit a bet all year (sorry buddy, that was low).  Feser and his $40 mountain – errrr, mole hill – of cash is in.  He’s not hard to beat.  Nor is fucking Jake.  Hey Jake, don’t submit a card.  I know you’ll be taking Alabama, Oregon, and every other trendy fucking play, along w/ the homer pick of Nebraska.  And who could forget Deeeear Waaaade.  What a disgraceful bag of bones this guy is.  Send your money in, Whoooade, and we’ll go ahead and put your total at -$2,347.42.  Thanks for playing, junior.

What I’m trying to say here, is if you’re on the fence, get the fuck off.  The only real competition is the man typing this post: The Magnificent Shawn Starostka.  Don’t get upset, though.  Second place will surely pay quite handsomely.

This should be fun.


The DL


8 thoughts on “Post-Season is Here

  1. FYI, creighton basketball is fucking awesome. Anyone that can take the huskers out back behind the woodshed must be good bc the huskers were supposed to be good this year.

  2. The Huskers have more talent this year than they have in ages, but no one said they were going to be good this year. We’re in year 2 of a complete rebuild, and there is improvement being made. But this team was picked to finish last in the B1G. They’ll exceed those expectations and by the end of the year be a dangerous team to play. Come back here and trash talk next year after the Creighton/Nebraska game. Or any year after that. I think we’re just a few years away from Nebraska being favorites every time we play Creighton.

  3. If the game I watched was supposed to be improved talent, wow! They will be a team to reckon with in about 20 years at that pace. I like miles and pettiway had some nice dunks, but you need to have some sort of an inside game if you are going to brick every outside shot.

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