Last Week

It’s the final week, fellow degenerates. Are you going to go big to try and get into that sweet season money? Are you going to be safe and just try to salvage the season by getting some of that weekly cash? There are a lot of folks close to the top that can make a run. There are also a lot of desperate degenerates looking to chase hard one last time (until we get the postseason going, ha – which you all still need to comment on).

Ima hit three 6-teamers and be all like

Who am I kidding? Ima be all like

That’s pretty much my season up to this point.

I’m assuming Bog will have a similar feeling to the one he’s had all season.

And I’m assuming Shawn will continue his fucking Shawn ways

Cookie Monster Dance

Doran is so close to being positive on the season. He just may have to figure out that stone-cold lock of the week and get ready to celebrate in some jorts

Fritz is looking like he might cash on the season! Get excited, Papa Ritz, you’ve earned that celebration! (My prediction for how this ends)

Premature celebration

Maybe Lennon will pull together a sweet week and we can crown his ginger ass champion

But we’re all dicked. Fucking Carr just as well not even submit a sheet this week. Prick

Enjoy the last regular season week of the DL jokers.

The DL


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