Hondo Carpenter Podcast

Hondo was on Gametime with Nicky B today, and I thought pretty much everything he said was spot on (though top 4 may be a stretch). Give it a listen if you have the time.


The DL


13 thoughts on “Hondo Carpenter Podcast

  1. Top 4 is definitely a stretch (USC, Texas, Florida, Bama, LSU, Ohio St, Michigan, Oklahoma, and maybe Oregon would be slightly ahead), but Top 10 is legitimate. I’ve said it before, if the AD has a top-flight candidate locked and loaded, by all means, I hope he pulls the trigger.

    But if Ol’ Shane Eichorst plans on bringing in an unproven commodity (see Scott Frost or any POS MAC coach), I’d prefer to keep the angry, rat-faced DC we currently have at the helm. So I’ll say it again: it’s not an easy decision and there pros and cons either way you lean.

  2. Without a doubt if the trigger is pulled, the next hire needs to be great. I bank on Eichorst absolutely knowing this. He won’t want to hear Pedersen comparisons forever, so the next guy has to succeed. The fact he knows this is comforting to me.

  3. Would be interested to hear who people in this group would want.

    I’d take Briles, Tressel, and Peterson. I wonder who will finally give Narduzzi a chance, and Smart for that matter.


    Well, again, that’s not entirely true. My support of Bo basically stems from a $75 Pelini-autographed Husker football I purchased at a benefit a couple years ago. I’ll be damned if that’s goin on the scrap heap, Eichorst. So choose wisely.

    I can remember in like, 2005, bein at a shithole sports bar in Columbus called Signatures and there was some kind of raffle goin on. One of the prizes was a mini-helmet signed by members of the current team/staff. I remember saying at the time (which looks even more genius with the passage of time), “Who the fuck wants a football signed by Grant Mulkey, Dane Todd, Nate Swift, Todd Peterson, Corey McKewon and co.?”

    Jeezus, my Pelini football must be worth 10,000 times that POS helmet.

  5. Easy on Swift, Peterson, and Todd my friend. Those guys were ballers.

    As for Jake’s questions, I’d love the three names he mentioned. We keep hearing that Tressel would be interested, so color me interested. Briles is off the table, as he just signed a 10 year $45 million extension. It was always a stretch that he would leave Texas.If there was ever a time to pull Peterson out of Boise, it’d be this year. They’re down, and it’s only going to get harder for them to compete with conferences realigning and the playoff coming in. Franklin may be great. There are other options that are just as good, and I’m sure SE knows what he’s doing. I think there are a ton of guys we could get that would be a step up.

  6. Put your Art Briles boners away, kids. That fuckin dude hit the QB jackpot w/ RG3 and subsequently built that program into what it is today as a result of No. 10. I think it’s fair to wonder if Pelini’s tenure here would be viewed a helluva lot differently had he not hitched his wagon to that “big-eared Mexican” (Tyson’s words, not mine) 4 years ago. Certainly the Oklahoma Big XII championship looks a lot different w/out that dumbfuck slingin it around like Blaine Gabbert. Wisconsin in Madison? Nice game, dipshit. And what about this year’s 2 losses? It’s not out of the question to think NU could’ve won both games w/ a little juice from Tom Armstrong and Byron Leftwich Jr….errr, RK3.

    Maybe none of the above are wins with a less herky-jerky weirdo playin QB, maybe all of ’em are. I feel like they certainly would have been a shit load closer, anyway. And if you take 6(ish) of Bo’s blowout losses off the table, are we even considering firing the guy?

    Briles knows great QB’s when he sees ’em, and I think Bo and Beck are figuring out how to find the right ones also. Let’s ride this fucking thing out one more year, eh gang? It’s just really hard for me to look at the young talent on the defensive side, see the production of late, and think that someone else – particularly an offensive-minded coach – would make the team better.

  7. I’m with you on the D, but it’s been 6 quarters, not 6 games, 6 years, but 6 quarters. I’m up for seeing how this plays out, but then I think to 2014 and wonder what game we’ll lose that we shouldn’t, who’ll blow us out (Miami, Fresno, Wisconsin), what excuses we’ll get, and what will be the rallying point. I think I’ve seen this story play out before.

  8. He didn’t hit the jackpot with RGIII, he recruited him then brought him along to Baylor. And then he’s had the same success with two different QBs. As you say, he can spot them, and he has the system to attract top-level talent. Dude is undoubtedly a phenomenal coach, so I will not put my Briles boner away. He isn’t coming here, but he’s stud. Fucking Baylor is in the national title talks. But we’re being unreasonable for thinking we should look for a coach that can get us in the top-ten in six years.

    Bo’s tenure may have looked different with a different QB, but that’s part of his problem. It’s additional evidence that he wasn’t ready to be a head coach. His stubbornness and unwillingness to admit he’s wrong. Or maybe it’s that he confuses stubbornness for loyalty. Either way, adaptability is something a coach needs, and something Bo lacks.

    Let’s see how the next few games play out before we talk about a whole additional year of Bo. The talent we have makes me think now is a good time to attract a much better coach. I have to think most coaches look at our roster and schedule and think they can step in and do better immediately.

  9. Top 10, you say??? Do you recall what we were ranked when we played in Madison? Or after we pistol-whipped Warshington and K-State in 2010? Or when we got beat by Northwestern at home? Or after we hammered Okie State and Mizzou? Bo has had this team in the Top 10 on multiple occasions. His shitbag rollercoaster of a QB put him there, and took him outta there a lot. I BLAME IT ALL ON THE QUARTERBACK! Not really. Bo has his flaws, and I know this. I’m just not so fucking quick to forget the success he’s had here. He’s done well, he just needs to do better. I think he can. If the AD doesn’t think he can, then like I said, he better bring in fucking Chip Kelly or Jim Tressel or Goddamm Andy Reid.

    Art Briles has as many BCS berths and Conference Championships as the guy you hate: exactly zero.

  10. I thought it would be obvious that I meant finish the season in the top ten.

    Art Briles has zero BCS berths and conference championships, which is the same as Bo. There is an obvious and glaring difference in what that means. Baylor for the ten years before Briles: 4-7, 2-9, 2-9, 1-10, 2-9, 3-8, 3-9, 3-9, 3-8, 5-6, 4-8, 3-9. Enter Briles: 4-8, 4-8, 7-6, 10-3, 8-5, currently 8-0. Baylor was an absolute joke, then they hire the right guy and they’re a scary good team with cash to build a new stadium and lock that guy down for 10 years. They won’t compete for a national title every year, but they’ll finish in the top ten occasionally and be in the conversation occasionally. That’s Baylor. Six years after we hired Bo and they hired Briles, who’s trajectory would you rather have?

  11. Think about it, you’re comparing BCS bowls and conference championships of Baylor, BAYLOR, to Nebraska. Yeah, they should have 0 which is a number we have in common. Another thing to ponder: Art Briles is a wanted man, we’d take him, every school outside a handful would take the man. How many takers would/does Bo, the head coach of Nebraska, have? Maybe he does have a few and it’s a win-win for all, he leaves for another job, we get to hire somebody who wants to be here.

  12. So what are you douchelords doin for the game? Goin to the Michigan State hangout? I’ll be in town and would like to personally school you in basically everything – arguments, gambling, bags, shuttle runs – you name it.

    Let’s do this. NU-17, MSU-12.

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