Thoughts on NU

Ok, so now what the fuck do we do?  I’m not suggesting the Blackshirts just handled Oregon’s offense, but that performance was impressive – and actually, that’s 6 straight quarters of ‘Bama-esque defense.  Northwestern w/ a 6th-string tailback, and whatever the fuck that team was we played on Saturday are not elite offenses, but allowing 2.9 yards per play over that span is fucking impressive as shit.  So if the D can maintain this level of play, why on God’s green earth would we can the guy who architects it?

Again, beating a pretty crummy Michigan team doesn’t make Nebraska a top-10 program.  I think it just goes back to the idea that firing the guy is far from a foregone conclusion.  So shove it up your butt, Feser.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on NU

  1. I don’t have time to throw a bunch of shit in Feser’s face so I’ll just copy a short snippet of someone else’s rant who is tired of hearing all the talk about firing Bo…

    “And now, Name the 5 teams in College Football who have won at least 10 of their last 11 in season conference games…..It’s not UCLA or Oregon or Oklahoma or Texas or Texas A&M or LSU or Miami or USC or Florida….It is Ohio State @11-0 and Alabama, Florida State, Stanford and……NEBRASKA! at 10-1…. How preposterous is it to think that a coach of 1 of 5 teams nationally who has won 91% of his last 11 games in conference, could be on anybodies “Hot Seat”? It’s looking more and more like many Nebraska fans are the “Best fans in America”………”as long as their Huskers win more than 10 games a season”.
    Just remember that a “Journey”, without troubled waters, teaches very few lessons.”

    • That’s just it, you don’t have a bunch of shit to throw in my face. All you have is that we’ve beaten a bunch of shitty teams in a really shitty division in a really shitty conference. What do we have to show for it? A 70-point beatdown by a 7-6 team and two 14+ losses in bowls. You’re right, this close win over an unranked team, the week after a Hail Mary was needed to beat a decimated .500 team at home, means none of the arguments against Bo has any validity.

      If the squad pulls out a victory this Saturday, I’ll be very impressed. The bright side will be that maybe someone will finally bite and hire the guys who’s tried so hard to get out.

  2. Did Touchdown Tommie write that? Definitely sounds like something he would say.

    Nebraska ML! Go ahead and pat myself on the back and take the rest of the day off work.

  3. “I think it just goes back to the idea that firing the guy is far from a foregone conclusion.”

    It’s always been this way. Regardless of the loss at Minnesota his goose wasn’t necessarily cooked. Horrible idiom aside, if Bo goes with only two or even three losses in the regular season there’s no way Eichorst can fire him. However, if we aren’t in the B1G title game things could get interesting.

    I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Bo will be here forever and our once dominant program will be spinning its wheels claiming hail mary wins over a depleted Northwestern and other lightweights as success.

  4. Shawn, I assume? I think this weekend will be the deciding factor. If we aren’t in the championship with the division as bad as it is this year, it could be ugly.

    The defense looked great the last few weeks (after the first quarter or so of the Northwestern game). Funny, because according to the coaches they asked the players what they want to do, and when they responded by dialing up a bunch of pressure we started making plays. Maybe we should just not have coaches?

    I think Bo might have blitzed more against Michigan than he had in any other game, and it was definitely the right move. Forgive me for not thinking he’s deserves to stay the coach of Nebraska for putting his players in a position to succeed this far into the season. One win over an unranked team does not a great year make.

  5. I’d trade the stat above about being the winnest BIG team in the past couple of years for a conference championship and a BCS bowl in heartbeat and relevancy.

    Not my words but this sums it up: My distain is for people who soley look at Ws and Ls as the basis for their agrument on why Bo should stay or go. Peel back the onion whether it be recruiting, the blowouts, the audiotape, his sideline demenor, his inability to hire a real staff, etc ,etc and things look outright rotten to me.

    If Bo could recruit and didn’t get his pants pulled down against every meaninful team we play then I would have no issues keeping him on with this current W/L history.

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