Bogus must be Tango, Cause I’m Cash Homie

I hate to do it, but I sort of have to, don’t I. For those of you not following along, Papa Feez cashed for the first time all fucking season. Huskers! That huge $40 win (fucking Kubiak’s stroke cost me an overall win, if you ask me) puts me in rarefied air with 4 other degenerates. Respect, Brandon, Kyle A, Travis, and Tyson on crushing the $40 spot with me. We’re in not-last place guys!

That brings us to the sad, sad as yet still hasn’t gotten in the money young man. As you may have guessed from the headline of this post, only one of the cofounders remains cashless. Bogus remains out of  the money. I know it’s confusing, but you still have time to get in there and cash some.

Confused Bogus

Confused Bogus














You may think this seems like an opportunistic thing to write in Week 11, since my first cash was Week 10. Well, fuck you. I do what I want.

Cartman: Wha-eva. I do what I want

Take this as two things, Anthoni J. First, as motivation. You bet make good. Second, as a challenge. We’ll be getting after it Saturday, and I’d love to really be sticking it to you while we stick it to people in bags. Should we call it a double whiskey diet with a side shot of Fireball, taken by both but purchased by the loser?




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