The Case Against Bo

Our poll showed 18 in favor of keeping Bo and 5 in favor of firing him. I was disappointed to see such horrible results, but that was before Minnesota dominated us and we needed a Hail Mary to beat a 4-4 Northwestern team that was reduced to a long-snapper looking guy or a hobbled guy as their only 2h options at RB. Loved the perseverance, hated that we needed it. So I’ll start this with a new poll to see how attitudes are.

Now, in case you voted wrong again, I’ll submit this post for you to check out. One of the coauthors is a bud, and I think they hit most of the points I would, though they leave out a few things I would add. I don’t think they hit hard enough just how poorly our defense has performed since Bo has had to rely on his own players.  I would have added this graphic:

What do you think of the post? Is it enough to change your mind? If you still disagree, tell me what’s holding you back so I can change your mind.

The DL

16 thoughts on “The Case Against Bo

  1. Is there anyway we can fire you? Maybe Bogus too? I feel like an educated chimp, w/ access to the internet could get the GD standings updated quicker.

  2. I’m with Shawn and think you need to post the GD results instead of this propaganda!

    I also think you’re out of your mind and should stick to looking at stats, odds, what if variables, or whatever you look at to fulfill your degenerate gambling habit (which by looking at the season standings you’re not very good at) than persuading us that our head coach needs fired. I don’t want to hear from wannabe Atheltic Directors and coaches that sit in the stands each week and pretend they know what’s best for our team.

    Nebraska fans want to return to years 1993-1997 when Nebraska was 60-3 with 3 National Championships and 2 close calls… Get over it… It isn’t going to happen. Nebraska had the “Perfect Storm” of 20 yr coaching veterans and arguably one of the best game day planners and adjusters to ever coach the game in Tom Osborne heading the show. Sure, right now, that similar storm is happening at Alabama, but it’s an anomaly. Evidently, Nebraska and Nebraska alone “deserves”….to play for the National Championship each and every year. Other than the great weather, hot girls in bikinis, sandy beaches, being close to home, and a similar ethnic populace… what other fucking reasons are there for a super stud from the South or West to come to the Cornfields of Nebraska?

    College football isn’t as polarized as it was in years past. Most schools now have great facilities and many schools are getting equal money. There was a time when some schools were spending $75 million on football while others were spending $12 million and that was when we could “expect” wins against many teams. There is still a disparity, but with home gate revenue sharing that occurs in the Big 10, Nebraska is forced to share it’s money to be divided equally between all of the Big 10 teams….We don’t make $4 million more per home game than the Gophers anymore. Every Big 10 dollar is shared evenly at the conference level….This results in even the Gophers of the world having $30 million per year to spend on Football. Give enough teams, equal money, equal scholarships, good facilities and money to pay a good staff and support system and it will be harder and harder to count the Gophers, Boilermakers and Hoosiers as “sure” wins in the upcoming years.

    Quit the fucking whining and complaining and let Bo work. It took Tom Osborne 20 years to figure out that a change in scheme from a 5-2 to a 4-3 is what would make him a legend. Bo knows his sytem works and just needs some tweaking. Starting from the ground up again doesn’t put us in a better position and makes us less desirable to other coaches. What big name coach wants to come coach here if we fire Bo now? Nobody.

    • There is also this…
      “..they can all kiss my ass out the fuckin door. ‘Cause the day is fucking coming now. We’ll see what they can do when I’m fucking gone.”

      Bo’s words, not mine.

      I am still on the fence on Bo. I still like the guy and think he genuinely cares about the program. I do think you have to give him a little time, but when is enough? I don’t ever expect to be making a 60-3 run again. I am well aware that isn’t going to happen. Maybe a conference title? I wouldn’t say that is too high a bar for our program. Even Dr. Tom mixed in one of those babies every now and then before he started reeling off NTs. I do get that the profit sharing and parody is making it harder to win than ever. “These ain’t your daddy’s gophers!”.

      However, It would be foolish not to at least look at the talent pool of up and coming coaches in the country. Especially if the rumors are true about Alum and former players pooling money for Bo’s buyout. Quite a few teams out there have been getting more out of less ($$, facilities, talent) than Nebraska the past 5 years. I also don’t believe we need to make a splash and get a “big name” coach. Maybe a Scott Frost? That Oregon offense isn’t too shabby. Maybe Frosty doesn’t know much about defense, but it is getting harder and harder to argue that Bo does.

      I also think you must factor in HOW we are losing these games into the equation. The gigantic embarrassing blowout losses, pissing away huge leads and the overall quality of the defense week in and week out. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like he puts our guys in a position to compete and win.

      Again, I like Bo and wish him success. I am very interested to see how the rest of the year plays out. To the fuckhead fans who are rooting against NU just to get rid of Bo, Fuck You, we don’t need you. Touchdown Tommie needs to check himself.


  3. Agreed. No one will dispute the fact that the team’s tanking – specifically, the Defense’s – in big games and random October contests is a concern. However, if you’re going to compile a list of all the shitty Defensive performances under Pelini’s watch, then you need to also look at those when the defense performs as designed/schemed/coached – however the fuck you wanna phrase it. And describing the final 3 quarters of Defense against Northwestern as anything but dominant is wrong.

    You can’t simply put together a list of shitty performances that support your narrative of “well, fuck him, he sucks,” and leave out all the dominant performances under the coach’s watch (and there are a shit ton of those, too). I suppose those were the result of Callahan’s players though, right? But again, let’s not give credit where it’s due, and forget the fact that fucking Callahan and Co. couldn’t get Suh to smarsh a goldanged fly on the field. Pelini deserves zero credit for coaching the fuck out those dudes, but 100% of the blame for not extracting every ounce of talent out his current crop of players, right?

    I’m not in favor of the dude staying and I’m not demanding he get run the fuck outta town. I’m sayin he’s done enough quite well over a 6-year span to merit consideration for a 7th year, but he’s also done enough poorly to make you stop and wonder if he’s the guy to make this work.

    Thankfully, the decision ain’t up to me. Nor is up to you, ya GD whiny SOB. As I’ve said in many an email to you: just sit back and enjoy the remainder of the season. It’ll be basketball season before you fucking know it. And nobody wants that.

  4. Did you read the post I linked to? They directly address your criticisms. You should check it out. I feel I must mention that there is a huge gap between being embarrassed by any team with a pulse and saying we need to win a national championship every year. That’s a commonly used straw man that doesn’t address the issue. I also don’t know why you would shun this debate. Debating these things and the back and forth is one of the reasons sports are fun. You don’t have to be a coach to know a coach is doing a shit job, and you don’t have to be an AD to argue that we’d be better off moving in a different direction. I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know they messed up with Challenger. And I’d say giving up 70 to a 5-loss (eventually 6-loss) team was Nebraska’s Challenger, though any of the other implosions could stand in.

    Resources are also a huge part of the picture, and we have a ton of resources, even more than is pictured in findings using publicly available material. I think last year they had us at #21 in AD revenue, and that doesn’t take into account what we have on hand and information that isn’t publicly available. If you want to tell me resources don’t matter, you’ll have to explain why there is such a strong correlation between money spent on football and how good you program is year to year ( For instance, Alabama uses their resources in part to have a huge staff dedicated to recruiting. They also spend a ton on a coach who knows how to win. I’d say they see a pretty solid return on investment (and they’re not that far removed from near irrelevance that we have).

    But it isn’t just about spending the most, as you need to have to spend it on the right guy. Iowa is stuck with Ferentz because they gave him a ridiculous extension based on a few decent years. Now his buyout is so big they won’t consider canning the guy, even though they missed a bowl last year. Texas has tons of talent and tons of resources and goes at it like a big dog, but they clearly don’t have the right guy to turn that into anything tangible (at least at the moment). I think we fall into the category of having all the pieces besides the most important, which is your program’s CEO, the coach.

    The recruiting is also addressed, and again there is a lot more to it than beaches and shit. If that was it Carl would have had no problem recruiting in Florida. Why is it so easy to recruit to Ohio State? Michigan? Why are they having such a great class in Kentucky? Tuscaloosa is hardly some great beach town. Eugene is fucking Eugene. On and on. And the rankings aren’t even the main point. If we’re going to argue it’s harder here so we need to find gems that fit our system, why do we seemingly have guys that can’t handle or thrive in our defensive system? For that matter, if we brought on a defensive guru to fix the defense and he isn’t a fan of recruiting, what does he bring to the table? What value does he bring to the program to warrant over $3 million per year? If we’re going to pay these millions to staff, why would our expectations be so low? The B1G is so down that winning 9 games with our resources really isn’t all that hard.

    I feel like you mentioned Minnesota because they beat us. If they hadn’t beat us, I’m sure you’d still say we should expect to beat them. I, for one, think we should expect to beat them. If we can’t at least have that then our expectations are comically low. If you think we’re on equal playing ground with Minnesota, I’d again have to disagree. Last year they won 6 games, the year before that 3, the year before that 3, the year before that 6, etc. etc. They aren’t some sleeping giant. They’re a very mediocre team that beat 4 non-BCS schools and the mediocre B1G schools. If we don’t think certain programs have a huge advantage over Minnesota, shouldn’t they compete for a B1G Championship? Do you think they have a legitimate chance to beat Wisconsin or Ohio State to finish their year? I don’t.

    The Bo-Tom comparisons are so ridiculous, and they’re also covered in the post I linked. For instance, Tom finished in the top ten in either the Coaches Poll or AP Poll in each of his first 5 years. He also never once lost 4 games. I think Tom said it best, as they point out in the post:

    If you lose a fairly large number of games by a significant margin and you have fairly good players, which we think we do, then we think there are some systemic issues.

    I would have added the first half of that quote:

    It isn’t just a matter of wins and losses; it’s how you do it. If you lose by a field goal and play well, that’s a little bit different than getting blown out three or four times.

    “Bo knows his system works and just needs some tweaking.” I don’t know that we’ve been watching the same team since 2011. We’re in year 6, and his system clearly doesn’t work. It’s also not been working for a long time and I don’t know where these small tweaks that will fix it have been. For Christ sake, Minnesota just watched game tape from last year and made us look awful. Either his system doesn’t work or he can’t get the players to properly carry it out. Those players were here when he arrived, so I don’t buy that you can’t get the right players to Nebraska.

    I would also hope any coach could see the context of Pelini’s tenure here and understand why he was fired. He said told fans to fuck off in front of a media member, AD staffer, and a bunch of microphones. And that was after a win. He also basically said he was leaving, which he’s tried to do again and again. At that point I’m sure he thought he had the Ohio State job. We know he’s had his agent reach out for several others. We’ve had several of the worst defensive meltdowns in school history in the last year. We’ve been embarrassed about every time we’re on national TV in the last few years. I think any coach with a brain can see what happened, and I think most of them have a big enough ego to think they can do better, especially in the atrocious B1G. I also think we have the money to make it worth their while.

    And I don’t think blog posts laying out arguments that we need a change (whining and complaining, I guess) affect Bo’s work, though he does like to hold a grudge. We’ve been letting him work for 6 years, and he’s regressed.

    I’d like to know reasons to keep Bo. Not reasons to not fire him (who would we hire?), but reasons he is the right man for the job.

    And now I see Shawn has commented. I will say Bo, with the right players, put together an amazing defense. But I don’t know that what he did in 2009 and 2010 is reason he should be our coach in 2014 (does he also get credit for coaching Miles’ boys at LSU?), when it’s clear that’s not the direction we’re headed. Pelini did a nice job of coaching up the talent in a way Callahan clearly couldn’t. Again, credit for something he did three and four years ago. I will say Northwestern with a healthy running back looked like they could run up and down the field all day on us. Our secondary played lights out and we took care of business when Northwestern got (even more) banged up, which you have to do, so those last few quarters were very strong.

    And now Tyson has nicely laid out some points. Fuck I’m taking way to long on this.

    And Shawn, Nebrasketball will be better this year. The NIT might be our ceiling, but we’ll be a lot more fun to watch. Fucking Tim Miles is a golden god.

  5. I didn’t read all that yet. I will. I promise. Just post the GD spreads for this week. There’s some seriously good football goin on tomorrow night, and I wanna have plenty of time to get my card locked and loaded by kickoff.

  6. “Fucking Tim Miles is a golden god.” – Adam Frank Feser

    Please put that in permanent ink somewhere. B/c by Year 4, Feez is gonna want Danny Manning or some young whipper snapper to take his place b/c, by golly, WE HAVE THE RESOURCES!!! You can set your watch to that shit.

    I love Tim Miles. Dude is hilarious and holy fuck, I hope he wins here and stays here and I hope I can suck his dick and asshole one day. Too far? Too far.

    Lotta valid points, Feez. They just got lost in the 10,000 word shuffle. I’ve laid out why he should stay in emails to you before (Jack Hoffman, many a successful defensive stint, uncovering all sorts of hidden gems on the recruiting trail, et al). But again, there are shit loads of reasons he’s gotta go (the radio rant, mind-boggling losses, an inability to recruit enough game changers, et al). That’s why I say, he’s done enough to merit a 7th, but also maybe “he gone!”

    The back and forth about sports is fun. I enjoy proving you to be an incompetent hack when it comes to the subject.

  7. I’ll never turn on a great South Dakota man, especially one from just down HW 37 from my old stomping grounds.

    See, I think everyone will get there with Bo eventually. More and more people jump off his bandwagon the longer he coaches, as he continues to disappoint. This weekend our game is full national on ABC. We’ll see if we can at least hang with someone on the big stage for once.

  8. I’ve been on the Bo needs to go bandwagon for about 2 years (Wisconsin should’ve been his swan song). Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We continue to get gutted by the run, stupid penalties, and scramble to put together a recruiting class in December. Any coaching staff with a pulse will always out coaches Bo and his buddies. I don’t expect national championships, I do expect to be competitive, to compete for Big 10 titles, BCS bowls, and heaven forbid be 8-0 mid-November every few years (see this year) to be nationally relevant. It took a freakin hail mary, a hail mary, to avoid back to back losses to Minnesota and Northwestern. What discussion are we having if that 1% chance of a completion on a hail mary doesn’t happen?

    Also don’t give me that crap that no coach will come here. Sure, if we only offer $1.5mil like we did for Bo, we won’t get who we want. Open up the checkbook, which we can and probably will, and we’ll have our pick of qualified candidates. Don’t believe me? Stewart Mandel from recently said it’s time for Bo to go and the notion that no one would come here is insane. This is coming from an outside perspective.

    I like Bo, I think he’s a good family man, religious man, and father. Heck, I see him in church even after another blowout. All that doesn’t mean you’re a HEAD football coach for the University of Nebraska. We already know what we have in Bo, which is mediocrity at its finest. If you’re content, that’s fine. A new coach offers HOPE. Will he get it done? Nobody knows, but at least we could dream big again.

    • To clarify, that wasn’t Adam Feser that wrote that, though it certainly could have come straight from my fingers. Well said all around.

      That Mandel answer is good. Here it is:

      Matt Hayes of the Sporting News also has a great piece on Bo.

      I’ll just copy the text, because I think he nails it:

      1. I don’t want to get on a soapbox, but …

      He stepped right in it without even knowing it.

      Bo Pelini explained the state of Nebraska football Monday, providing a clear view to the one thing that has sucked the very life from the once proud and powerful program.


      “I don’t believe the state of our program,” Pelini said, “is any different than it was a week ago.”

      Or a year ago. Or a decade ago.

      And that should make every Huskers fan from Omaha to Chadron reach for a sick bucket.

      It’s bad enough that Nebraska was physically manhandled last weekend in an ugly loss to Minnesota. It’s worse when that galling loss is simply another humbling reminder that this program has tumbled into the worst possible hole since the retirement of legendary coach Tom Osborne.

      It’s not that the Huskers aren’t winning like they used to. It’s that it doesn’t seem to matter.

      Because if it did matter, Pelini wouldn’t have made it past his fifth straight season of four losses. If it did matter, Pelini wouldn’t have made it past Sunday morning.

      If it did matter, Pelini wouldn’t have made it past Monday afternoon, after he said today’s players lacked—I can’t believe I’m writing this—“natural football instinct” and “common sense” from those of years past. Hey, you, at Alabama, you lack instinct.

      If you think that’s an unfair comparison, consider this: the last team to win three of four national championships before the Tide did so was none other than Nebraska from 1994-97. So yeah, you better believe it’s fair.

      You better believe Nebraska, for all that is was, can be that way again. I’m not buying the excuses that Nebraska is land-locked and the state doesn’t produce elite high school talent and boom of college football on television has diminished Nebraska’s impact to recruit nationally because it’s not the only program on the tube anymore.

      That’s almost as ridiculous as players lacking common sense and natural football instinct.

      It’s all about the coach. Get the right one, and Nebraska will be Nebraska again.

      Baylor got the right coach, and look what has happened to one of the worst programs in the game. Stanford got the right coach twice, and look at the metamorphosis on The Farm.

      You know who else got the right guy? Florida State. They got the right guy to follow a legend, and the next thing you know he’s recruiting his tail off, he’s beating SEC schools for elite recruits and he has FSU crawling out from its self-proclaimed lost decade.

      Guess what other former power has been lost for a decade?

      In the 15 years before Nebraska reeled off three national titles in four years, Osborne’s Huskers won eight conference championships and lost 29 games. In the 15-plus years since he retired, Nebraska has one conference championship and has lost 61 games.

      The most damning evidence of all for Pelini: these last two-plus years of nothingness has come against maybe the worst dip in talent ever in the Big Ten. What happens when the league cycles back up?

      I mean, if anyone in the state of Nebraska cares anymore.

  9. Lemme just reiterate, the decision ain’t up to me, and I ain’t spendin all my time tryin to act like I KNOW the dude NEEDS to be fired and is a worthless head coach. However, if we go to the Shit House and get boat raced again, rendering a B1G title too far outta reach, I’ll probably say “enough is enough. Let’s put the old dog down.”

    But for Big Daddy Feez to act like this decision is an easy one, and there’s no flip-side to the argument, is ridiculous.

    And to the Faux Adam who wrote that tired line about “the definition of insanity…”: I hate you. Well not you personally. Just that godforsaken overused phrase. I feel like every speech I heard in college, given by some dipshitted sorority slut, included that definition at some point. Whether the speech was about Blockbuster’s failed marketing plan, or Hitler’s regime, or fucking how to properly cook poultry, everyone included that definition and presumably thought they were the most clever writer this side of the Atlantic.

    Faux Adam does get points for valid arguments and a nice reference to Stu Mandel’s article. Well done, son.

  10. Sorry for the use of the tired line, that dog does need to be taken out back (Wait, is that considered another worn out line?). Only thing I could think of when people try to defend the indefensible. I for one think it is a fairly easy decision. UNLESS, Bozo makes it to Indy or he makes changes to the staff at the end of the year. From what I’ve seen both would be considered a miracle. Watching this team, something’s missing, not sure if it’s fire, attitude, belief, whatever, it starts at the top.

    I believe 5 years is the time frame to give a coach. He gets his foundation set and 4 recruiting classes. From there on out we know what we’ll get. It becomes a pattern, the norm. I get the impression that it’s already be over and Bo know’s his fate. Just like he’s done in the past, while employed at NEB, he can begin looking for his next coordinator job.

  11. My opinion is Bo has total control over whether he keeps his job for a 7th year. He has to make it to Indy and be competitive with Ohio State. If that doesn’t happen then there needs to be some considerable staff shake ups. Possibly a new DC and OC. If neither of those happens then I say cut your losses and lets go get some new blood to put some energy back into this program. I would guess you would see a uptick in recruiting with a young energetic coach.

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