Nebraska at Michigan Prediction Time

The DL line is Michigan -7. I’m very curious to hear some predictions. You don’t have to be taking them in your picks to offer something up. I’m curious to see how everyone feels about this game going into it.

I’ve thought all year Michigan and Gardner were both overrated. I think they’ve shown that time and again. You may want to say that they’ve been great in the Big House, but the fucking Zips should have beaten them at the Big House. I just don’t think they’re all that scary of a team.

On the other hand, we’re anything but scary ourselves. Both teams are pretty damn beat up, and they did just play a very tough rivalry game on the road, and one that crushes their title hopes. You may be thinking letdown spot. You may also be thinking that after Nebraska needed the KelLob, though I buy that angle less. 

In our backup tandem’s first real road test, we’ll need to keep the ball in AA’s hands, especially considering the 4 picks last week were nearly our undoing. That does seem to be one of Michigan’s strengths, though. They’ve been easy to throw on, but I don’t know that we can trust RKIII and TA to get it done through the air. On the other side, I have to think they’ve seen our glaring weaknesses. Hoke has proven to be a less-than-stellar scheme/in-game coach, but there is a pretty clear blueprint. I want to believe Nebraska can get it done, but I see costly mistakes on our end and sustained drives on theirs. Michigan 35 Nebraska 21.

What say you, beloved degenerates? And are you confident enough to throw it on that card?

The DL


2 thoughts on “Nebraska at Michigan Prediction Time

  1. Brady Hoke is 19-0 at the Big House. Chasing a mobile QB while thinking about Sparty on deck is dangerous. Not sure about two TD’s, but scUM should make it 20 straight at home.

  2. I suspect one of 2 things will happen:

    1.) We’ll come out w/ our hair on fire and get a nice lead while playing great D…somethin like 17-0, and then TO’s and complacency and horrible depth on offense (injuries) will set in, and we’ll get smacked around, 41-17. B/c by golly, when the fuckin wheels fall off, they fall. thee. fuck. off.


    2.) We’ll play solid D all game long, have intermittent success on offense (see last year’s MSU game or this year’s NW game), making for a tight game, back and forth down to the wire. No reason to think this game will be any different. Michigan seems to be most talented at WR, and I have full confidence in our corners to match up w/ them. NU 28, UM 27.

    So, I’ll go w/ NUMBER 2, b/c nothing about Michigan scares me….other than this game is on the road. But nothing about the last 3 years suggests that an NU loss will be a close one.

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