New Odds Up and Fuck Shawn

The new odds up, so you can all calm yourselves. I had to wait until Nebraska’s line was up to a bigger number.

Also, fuck Shawn. Baylor runs back a kickoff when they’re already up a million and he sucks out elsewhere and now he’s the greatest capper of all time? Prick. He named his kid after a guy who can’t even kick a 60-yard field goal. Should have named him Sebastian Janikowski Starostka.

To be fair, I’m finding it harder and harder to trash talk. The DL’s masterminds (I know I’m the fat one and Bog does the tech stuff, so I suppose I’m Wozniak and he’s Jobs) are the only two fucks to not yet cash. Jeebus this season has been horrifying. I guess I can fucking trash talk the shit out of Bogus. He hasn’t cashed and he’s second-to-last in season standings. I’m fucking 15th, you bottom-dwelling fuck.

Season to date:

I’ll have the tournament updated soon, too.

Shawn celebrating his victory while I watch:

Michael Boley touchdown celebration

The DL


One thought on “New Odds Up and Fuck Shawn

  1. I don’t get it, man. Yesterday, I can’t get you off my dick – talkin how handsome and wonderful my hair is. And now you’re trashing me and my kin? Make up your damn mind.

    Also, you could set that NU spread at 4 TD’s and the powerful Big Red Machine would still TCB.

    PS – The gif’s are fucking hilarious.

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