DL Tournament 2


The first tournament is in the books. Zach took it home, with Cowboy Carr coming in second and Bill third. Well done, jerks. As we had hoped, consistently solid performers were the winners of the tournament. I also think it’s a lot of fun week-to-week, unless you’re like Bogus and about to get booted by Lee in round 1. Then it serves as a weekly reminder that you need to be better.

The second tournament bracket is up. You are seeded by where you are in the season standings. Lucky for me, that means I get paired up with Lennon in week 1. It’s a nice little warm-up before the real stuff starts. Kind of like scheduling an FCS school before conference play. 

Now that I’ve belittled you, how about a wager? You pick the stakes, I’ll dominate your face. On two on two.

I encourage the rest of you to give it a look and talk some shit. Maybe get that side bet action going.

The DL


9 thoughts on “DL Tournament 2

  1. Typical east river comment. I plan on winning so bad that even Miley Cyrus won’t want to twerk with you after it is over. The goats will refuse to do your mandatory elephant walk with them in the 3rd head shower. You will start drinking skinny girl riesling instead of whiskey diets. You will agree that Nickelback is the greatest band of our era, and Chad Kroeger is a gift from the heavens. You will start wearing French berets a la Grams-style and get defensive when everyone makes fun of you. That’s right, I went there.

    The bet: Next time the loser goes back to Sodak, he has to pick up a bottle of South Dakota’s own Bickering Brother’s Blended Whiskey for the winner. http://dakotaspirits.com/Retailers.aspx. Boom.

  2. A very interesting bet indeed. Challenge accepted.

    Also a noble effort at trash talk, though you may have been hoist by your own petard here. Your emasculation of me will leave me so low, so shitty, so bereft of a willingness to go on that I resort to acting like Grams, drinking lady drinks, and listening to Nickelback. What you’ve done there is tacitly admit that Nickelback is for lovers of lady drinks and Grams. And you they are also your favorite band.

    Three points for the reversal.

  3. Dude, I’m pretty sure Lennon did a mic drop after that pimp slap. Then you come back with a, “no, YOU’RE the loser,” rebuttal. Damn. Just pick up a bottle of the whiskey, and save yourself further embarrassment, Feez. Your typo-riddled reply earns you no points.

  4. I don’t see one typo. And if you knew Lennon, the point stands. He has an unabashed love of Kroeger and Nickelback, so lumping my love of them in with basically turning into a huge douche is only evidence that Lennon, nay, West River is garbage.

    I thought you had standards. Lennon gets a mic drop call for telling me he’ll make me drink wine and listen to his favorite music? Poppycock.

  5. God damn that shit. Of course Lennon would pull his shit together this week. Classic West River, a bunch of garbage and a small amount of great.

    Shawn, I want $25 side bet this week. Man to man, winner takes it.

  6. Thank you, Baylor overs. And thank YOU, Adam F, for being so GD naive to think you could actually hang w/ me for a week. $25 cash money. Pronto.

    And if you’d like another crack at Bowser, I’m here. Waiting.

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