Tournament Update

It seems like everyone is having fun with the tournament, and that’s great. I’ve updated the bracket, so you can go check it out. 

Notes on the tournament so far. My contest was the reason for the important note, as it was decided by which Houston (college or pro) was picked. Stand up, non-dick guys in this league, as honesty, and Feser, won the day. Travis, I’m coming for you, and I’d love a side bet. I think $25? (DL Note: that change won’t be reflected in the Weekly Results until after work, but it doesn’t affect the weekly payouts or anything.)

There are some other things of note. For instance, the first-place finisher for the week, Phil Z, happened to be playing the (tied for) last-place finisher for the week, Marcus H. Ouch. At least you know you weren’t one pick away from advancing.

Jake T. is very lucky he faced Bogus this week, as Bog man was the other guy to go -$1,000. If not for that fact, Jake’s -$616.18 probably wasn’t getting the job done. Of course, this week he has Wade, who went -$713.64, so you never know.

At any rate, if you are out of the tournament, don’t despair. There will be another one very soon. 

For those that were seeded high enough to get byes, look out. Kyle F. is bound for a reversion, isn’t he? And he draws Jeff C., a fairly steady player. That’s a match to watch right there.

What do you guys think? Who’s looking good to move on? Who wants to get some side action?

The DL


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