Good Luck

As a Redskins fan, this stings a little to post. But it’s prety cool to look at. Bacarri Rambo (Redskins safety #24) had to see this unfolding and think to himself, “Fuck.” Good luck bringing down Vick with this much space and a full head of steam.

I love Chip Kelly, so it’s hard for me to not enjoy seeing his offense click. Unfortunately the Redskins, and Rambo, were the victims this time around.


2 thoughts on “Good Luck

  1. This reminds me of a story from ’07 when Courtney Grixby was pissin’ and moanin’ in a class about having to tackle LenDale White and whoever the fuck that big burly USC fullback was during that massacre in Lincoln.

    He was indirectly referencing how God-awful Cory McKewon and Co. were, and I believe his quote was something like, “Dawwwwwg, I ain’t tryna tackle dat muhfucka aloooone.”

    Gotta think young Bacarri had something similar racing through his head.

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