Update and Texas/USC Schadenfreude

We’re working on finalizing and double checking totals. I’ll also start posting some odds today. I’m guessing we didn’t go +$5,000 again this week, haha. I also have a horrible feeling that I’m going to take an early exit from the tournament and lose my first side bet of the season. 

Even if it meant my sheet suffered, how great was it seeing Texas get run on like they were playing a 5-loss Wisconsin team in the B1G championship? And how about Kiffin acting like he had his entire contract riding on Washington State on the ML? USC and Texas continue to prove that if you work hard enough on really being a shitty coach you can keep talent from winning. 

Then Mack’s decision to reassign Diaz so they could hire Greg Robinson is so hilarious. Robinson, the genius who coached Syracuse to a 3-25 record in the Big East and Michigan to FBS defensive rankings of 82nd and 110th out of 120. But he was okay in 2004 at Texas, I guess? Great argument. Mack dismisses the Michigan stuff because they had really bad players. So bad that they jumped from 110th to 17th in total defense the year after he was canned. This is so great. 

I don’t see Mack or Kiffin surviving the season. There was already blood in the water, and Jesus those were some ugly losses. I think there is a strong chance Texas takes a run at Saban, and what does he have left to prove at Alabama? That he can win 3 in a row? 4 in a row? All he can do is what is expected or fail. Or he can get the biggest contract ever and be treated as a savior for finishing in the top ten for a few years while having an even easier time recruiting. Either way, USC and Texas canning their coaches could lead to a hell of a lot of dominoes falling. My hope is that Bo is one of those dominoes. The we hire Peterson or Sarkisian (though maybe USC hires him) as head coach and Frost as OC/head coach in waiting. Then we win every game we ever play and live happily ever after. Is that a big leap to take from two losses? Perhaps. At any rate, college football is simply the best.

USC fans get creative with their rage:

Photo: John Ireland/Twitter

Also, if you’re a Texas fan, you hope the Make A Wish Foundation gives this kid a call. Hey Mack, the 14-year-old that just beat cancer says Texas should fire you. Maybe make his dream come true and just quit.

The DL


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