Week 1 Final Thoughts

First, the final, verified totals are now available under Weekly Results. You can also keep tabs on season earnings and season standings under those tabs. We’re still fiddling with the best way to arrange the pages to make things clear, but you should get the idea no matter what. But do us a favor and make sure your total seems right. We checked, double checked, and then triple and quadruple checked the discrepancies, so they should be right. But you never know.

After getting a look at the totals, my first thought is holy fuck guys. I guess most of the league is comprised of professional handicappers. I didn’t realize everyone invited ringers, which makes no sense because we’re competing against them. Next time invite idiots. 

Please try to clean up the sheets this week. It creates confusion. If you are playing a teaser, you need to enter the adjusted line. If you are playing a favorite, be sure to include the minus sign at the front. No buying points. Make sure you have the right number. Shit like that. Give it a once over after you complete it to make sure it’s good. 

I’ll be putting new odds up today for you to start studying. Included in this week’s odds are NFL lines. Because it’s NFL time, jokers. That also means we’ll be starting the tournament this week. Remember, Week 1 of the tournament is just the far-left column. If you were lucky enough to be awarded a bye, enjoy the week. The rest of you better get your side bet engines started.

If you have questions, get at us. Many of you did last week and it makes it easier to resolve problems. For Week 1 with a bunch of new guys, things went very smoothly. Thanks everyone for obeying the first rule of the DL HB. Keep up the good work, because I might just bet $25,000 following everyone this week.

Week 1 Surprises

The biggest surprise has to be the league $5,830.78 in the green, collectively. Christ, you needed to be over $700 to cash this week. If someone would have had the balls to just copy everyone’s sheet with real money, they would have fucking killed it. Absurd. That shit just doesn’t happen, especially with how many silly parlays we like to throw out there.

Next biggest surprise is Fritz denying the odds and throwing smart-asses like yours truly a big middle finger by cashing in Week 1. Well played, Fritzy. But somehow you still didn’t best Wade. Haha.

Week 1 Unsurprises

Feser bests Lennon in their side bet. In ya face.

A surprisingly poor performance from Nebraska’s defense, which is at this point unsurprising. 

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