2013 DL Tournament #1

If you happened to look at the bracket, you may have noticed that it was only a practice bracket, not the real one. That’s right, it was just a dummy bracket, because our real bracket needed to include all the fucking players. Kobus decided he wanted a shot to win, and why not? So anyway, the official bracket is now available. I’m pretty stoked about it.

I had randomly generated a bracket, but that’s silly. I’ve changed my mind. I don’t know why this wasn’t in the original rules, so I’m putting it there myself, now. We’ll seed the tournament based on Week 1 performance. It makes too much sense to not do. I’ll be emailing everyone to make sure we’re aware of the changes after they’re made.



13 thoughts on “2013 DL Tournament #1

  1. Tournament is a flawed concept and I don’t fucking like it one bit. Shove it up your asses, DL Commissioners.

    That being said, I’m excited to fuck the life out of Dirk B.

    Shawn S.

  2. Kyle A says: “Great setup this year with the addition of head-to-head tourney.” Every other fucking guy is into it, too. So you can just take your -$427.27 and eat a dick.

    Dirk B is taking you straight to pound town.

  3. You asked us to “mix it up” on the website, so to that end, I feel like I succeeded.

    I said it was a “flawed” concept, not a terrible one. Just needs tweaking. Specifically, the idea that you keep contributing to the pot even after you’ve been bounced. The head-to-head deal is definitely exciting, but it’s little more than a coin flip as to whether or not you advance. All you need to do is look at the top of the leaderboard for Week 1 to see that. Cripes almighty, Kyyyyle and Dr. Kruse didn’t sniff the green but one week last year, and yet both somehow managed to puke out $700+ weeks – because it’s random as shit. Also, I’ve been following my Old Man’s bets for years, and I swear to Jehovah, if he comes anywhere NEAR $785 again, I’ll fuck a purple unicorn.

    And Big Daddy Feez, I don’t know how many emails you’ve sent explaining how there’s no strategy involved in this deal. Which is 100% correct, and makes it all the more confusing why the payouts for it are so high.

    So yes, the head-to-head deal is exciting, but the way it’s configured here is whack. Contributing $5 per week after your out of the running is the equivalent of buying PowerBall tickets for that huge payout last May. You have no shot at winning, so what the fuck’s the point? Oh, I get to contribute an extra $25 to the dude who backs his way to 1/2 the value of the season pot? Neat.

    This would be the point of my rant where I offer alternatives to the status quo, but I tried that prior to the season and got crushed to dust. So, I’m sure this comes off as sour grapes. It’s not. I think it’ll be fun. I just think that prior to DL 2014 (yes, I just mentioned NEXT year’s DL – CAN’T WAIT!), we toss around legitimate ideas for making it better. And no more of this line: it’s a Degenerate League, not a ‘Reasonable Amount of Gambling’ League.

    Goddammit. Sorry for the Grant Rant. But I did enjoy draggin Fritz and Kruse through the mud on my way out the door.

    • Bogus’ point is right. We get everyone’s $25/week for the year and decide how to allocate it. To place in the tournament will mostly likely required sustained success. For instance, you may be able to sneak by one week playing like shit because you drew Shawn, who is going deep red again, but that isn’t likely to happen again, much less 5 times in a row. It’s a very similar idea to you picking head-to-head for a fantasy baseball league. You can have a fairly bad team statistically but get far playing teams when they struggle, and vice versa. That’s the only way I can figure that you edged me out the last two times our squads met.

      I like that it adds a new element and rewards reliability. And I don’t think we delved into it, but I do think there will be strategies employed for the guys that make it past the first few rounds.

      Finally, you say, “I think it’ll be fun.” That is the point, so basically you’re admitting it’s a great idea. So thanks, Shawn, you ol’ bag of dicks.

  4. Was gonna argue this point, but it’s best to just let it go and enjoy the ride. I’ll take up my cause again next year, you worthless bags of shit.

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