Shawn dislikes Mississippi

Shawn wanted everyone to see his comment. Here it is:

Comment: Stupid fucking Mississippi.  I hate that GD state so fucking much.  Maybe it’s the fact that w/in my parents’ lifetime, they’ve tried to “rise up” and secede from the union.  Possibly it’s the fact that as of 2010 (and probably still today), there were still schools who had segregated proms in this shitbag of a state.  It could also be the fact that all I had to hear about for an entire off-season was how unbelievable their recruiting class was and how Loquan Treadwell (Jeezus H. Christ, really?) was the next Randy Moss.

Or maybe, juuuuust maybe, it’s all of those things and the fact that they somehow managed to puke out a fucking 74-yd TD w/ 1:07 to go last night, winning by 4 points, and squarshing my Vandy +3 wager.  Fuck you, Mississippi.  You are the new Iowa.


2 thoughts on “Shawn dislikes Mississippi

  1. Watching this game last night the announcer wouldn’t shut up about all the freshman playing. Personally I was unimpressed with most of them. That d-end missed several key tackles and was pretty much handled all night by both of Vandy’s tackles.

  2. God damn it North Carolina. SC leaves the backdoor wide open, you get the ball at the 2 with four chances to cover the spread, and you don’t put it in. That would have simultaneously been awesome for me and shitty for a lot you. Fuck that was annoying.

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