On Buying Points

Hey guys, things are going pretty well, but I have another note. I meant to put it in the 2013 DL HB, but I think I forgot. You cannot buy points. This is simply too complicated and fluctuates too rapidly. For instance, you may think every half point is 10 points (so if you want to go from -7.5 to -7, you’d go from -110 to -120, for instance). That is sometimes the case, but it certainly isn’t always the case. Many times to get to a key number in football it costs more than 10 points. For instance, on one book right now it would cost 20 points juice to get Troy from -3.5 to -3. That number can get even bigger. Scores so frequently end in those numbers that books need to make you pay. Since we don’t have the capabilities they do, we simply don’t allow you to buy points. The odds that are posted are the ones you can use.

I like that we have some crafty devils looking to buy those points, so no worries if you gave it a shot. We’ll be adjusting them (or writing you to see if you want to make that change now). But I thought we all should be aware for the future.

The DL


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