It’s finally here. Today begins college football season. God damn it’s been a long wait.

As ever, we’re looking to make sure things are as good as possible for folks. As such, if your computer doesn’t allow you to use the macro that enables the teaser menu in the picks sheet, you can go to the main odds page (just click the odds tab) to see the teaser odds that you should use. So in this case you’d just enter whatever the right odds are on the top odds space of your pick sheet.

I have also added first half spreads, MLs, and totals for pretty much all the college football games. If you are still fiddling around with your picks, feel free to use those.

That’s all I have for now. We’ve gotten a few questions, and feel free to continue asking them as you get your feet wet. We are happy to help.

Also, fucking mix it up in the comments you pussies. I’ve hardly heard a side bet peep. Wade, is it true you turned down a side bet offer from Kyle?

That reminds me, I need a week 1 side bet. Lennon, you up for a solid, old-fashioned, head-to-head wager? $20 to the person with the higher week 1 total? Tie breakers as listed in the 2013 DL HB?

Glove Slap


The DL


2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. In the words of Ludacris from Fast and the Furious, “It ain’t how you stand by your car, it’s how you drive it. You better learn that.” That was my confusing way of saying I accept your challenge sir.

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